Onboarding In SAP

Today, onboarding in SAP is essential for companies to do. They will need to train existing or new employees when it comes to adopting SAP. How can they do that?

Onboarding In SAP: Why?

In using SAP, companies will need to train and onboard employees in using it. Why? Firstly, because it’s a system that can be quite complicated and new users need to learn how to use it. Secondly, they will need to know how to operate the system.

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In onboarding employees using SAP, how will they do that? They can do this in several ways. First, they can use the standard documentation on SAP from SAP itself. Second, they can also have an instructor teach them directly or hold a class for them. Third, they can also use video training or other types of training materials for new employees to use.

Onboarding In SAP: How?

Creating an Employee Onboarding Plan

Onboarding in SAP is important because companies need to train their employees on using the system and train them on how to operate it. They will do this by creating an employee onboarding plan.

Thus, this is a process that helps guide new employees on how to use the system and how to operate it well. It also makes sure that new employees will be able to follow certain steps when following processes or executing transactions in the system.

Then, for this plan to work well, it must be detailed and guide every type of user in the company. It should cover not just administrative users but also functional or transactional users as well as users who are responsible for reporting and analytics as well.

Making Sure New Employees Are Familiar With the System

When creating this plan, companies must make sure that their new employees will be able to understand it well. And to know what they have to do when it comes to following the procedures outlined in it. 

Further, they should take time with new employees to help them get familiar with using the system and its functionality. All before having them execute transactions or conduct processes on their own.

Thus, having them become comfortable with using it first is essential. So that they won’t have trouble operating it when they are on their own later down the road.

Using Onboarding Plans in SAP

In using an onboarding plan in SAP, companies can start by developing the plan itself. They must choose the different steps or procedures that will help them follow when it comes to using the system and operating it well.

To do this, they should be specific with it. For example, they can go over the different steps of executing a transaction in SAP. Or when it comes to a certain process or reporting requirement, they should also define their steps in that.

Then, they should test it first on themselves before using it for their employees to use. They can then show it to their users too and ask for feedback from them on how to improve or change the plan to better suit them.