SAP IdM – Product Overview

SAP IdM is identity management software from SAP; a company that helps businesses to manage user accounts in a way that lowers risks associated with them. There are certain features of the software that make it a good investment for businesses looking for identity management services. You should consider these features and benefits to gain the assurance that you need when purchasing the product from SAP.

Features and Benefits of SAP IdM

Standards Based Functionality

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The SAP idM software is has high integration capabilities. This can be attributed to the standards based functionality of the software. Because of this functionality, you can easily use it with your existing systems, without incurring many costs that are usually required to overhaul such systems.

To make matters better, not only is the integration process simple it is also complete. Your business processes can integrate fully with the idM software without the need for excessive tweaking by you. You can therefore get the software up and running within a short time thus minimizing any security risks pertaining to your user accounts.

Centralized Management System

The idM software from SAP also works from a central point. This means that every other existing system is connected to it, allowing one major source of control over all the identities within your organization. A centralized management style of this kind reduces the risks associated with user accounts greatly because any breach of security can be spotted quite easily. In addition, there will be fewer infrastructures required to enhance user account security, which means lower IT costs for you in the long term.

Password Resets Automation

The idM software allows for automation of password resets. This means that basic rules and guidelines can ensure that each account user is able to work quite independently without needing to report everything they do for approval first. This kind of self-service mechanism ensures that everyone concentrates on his or her core functions with fewer distractions, which enhances company productivity.

Streamlined Reporting

It can be quite difficult for you to keep track of what each account user is doing, if everything is sectioned in a different place. Systems that operate under a decentralized system can also be quite hectic to safeguard. Disorganization can end up costing you in terms of privacy and security because of that.

The idM software from SAP however gives you what you need. Because of the fact that the software works within a centralized system of management, all logging information is stored in a central database. When you factor in the integration capabilities of the software, then you should expect to get all user account information from other preexisting systems as well.

Reports about the user accounts in your organization and those associated with it are therefore streamlined. Instead of getting one side of the story, you will be getting all sides of it. Streamlined reporting capabilities of this nature enable you to get accurate insight into different identities, which in turn helps you enforce maximum compliance.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for software that is easy to manage, with high integration, automation and streamlining capabilities, and which provide great value for money, then SAP idM should be high on your priority list.


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