3 Technologies that Can Help Improve Your SAP CRM Usage

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Definitive Guide to Creating a Smooth SAP CRM Implementation.” Several companies have stepped up to the challenge of optimizing CRM adoption levels and improving the user experience using technology solutions. Three such solutions are: SAP Business Intelligence Adoption Rapid-Deployment Solution (2015) Improved reporting is

SAP Material Management Overview

The concept of SAP material management is in essence an enabler of efficient business processes with an organization. SAP ERP is especially significant for manufacturing companies and supply chains where there is a need to ensure seamless operations across various departments. This system enables an organization to store relevant information in a single database and

3 Ways to Boost SAP New User Confidence

New users of SAP software often find challenges when doing something for the first time. It’s natural, of course, as we learn by repetition and experiential learning best. So, it is upon the software implementation specialist, training manager, or team manager to empower new employees (or veteran employees who are now first familiarizing themselves to