SAP Cloud Security Overview

SAP cloud security services and solutions help you protect your information assets and shield your business from attacks. Since SAP’s core business is all about business-critical information in a networked economy, the expert developers at SAP are dedicated to develop the best secure enterprise software, both for on-premise and for cloud deployments, in order to help companies ensuring the privacy and security of your their business data.

Until not long ago, only big companies that could afford massive up­front investments had access to business software for core processes such as customer relationship management, accounting, and HR management. However, today the advances in technology have leveled the playing field. Core business applications are available today to companies of all sizes, thanks to cloud computing. In this context, SAP understands that as their clients move to a cloud environment, information security remains central to their overall risk management and strategic initiatives.

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SAP software engineers work continuously to strengthen and improve security features in all of their software solutions. For instance, the SAP Cloud portfolio supports best practices and security controls in order to help protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your information. These security controls are also included in cloud delivered software created by SAP partners.

In order to maintain state of the art support for compliance and security, SAP Cloud uses a multidimensional approach that supports a variety of compliance features, as well as privacy and security goals across your business process, technology, and user environments. SAP Cloud provides comprehensive support for privacy rights and data protection in order to safeguard your business information. This support applies to all SAP companies and it is based on definitions of the European General Data Protection Regulation. In case that other regulations or country specific laws require stricter standards, SAP Cloud can handle data in accordance with those laws and regulations. In order to help protect your intellectual property, SAP software also strictly limits data access.

SAP Cloud incorporates strict compliance and security policies, from the first stages of product development and until the product becomes part of your operations. You can immediately identify deviations from your requirements through regular monitoring procedures and trigger appropriate response measures in order to reestablish compliance. An implementation audit and technical validation further enforces and verifies the proper implementation of these security requirements.

SAP Cloud Security Overview

Regular review cycle and a state of the art internal control system enable SAP Cloud to foster a holistic information security scope that embraces all resources required to run your cloud based services.

SAP Cloud Security Solutions – Benefits

By using SAP cloud security solutions companies can benefit on multiple plans:

  • Partner with a software developing company where privacy laws and data protection are high priorities
  • Improve your company’s security using services, solutions, and support designed with rigorous and systematic engineering
  • Improve crisis and security incident management and business continuity to help reduce problems and risks
  • Benefit from a managed security governance framework and strict security policies
  • Leverage a cutting-edge technology foundation developed to uphold high security standards
  • Rest assured with best SAP solutions that have been awarded Common Criteria (ISO 15408)
  • and ISO 2700 certification
  • Leverage solutions conforming to ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, and SSAE 16 security standards
  • Visit SAP community center for IT Security in order to discuss the best data security solutions

In a networked economy that is shifting more and more to cloud based solutions, SAP’s guiding principle for collaborative processes is ensuring the best data protection. Information security remains a top priority at SAP. Their data-base solutions aim to bridge security gaps between systems, users, and applications with essential security procedures such as impersonation, single sign-on, and authentication delegation.

SAP Cloud Portfolio Security Mitigation Measures

Cloud based services are subject to several top security risks. Here is how SAP implemented mitigation measures supported by their SAP Cloud Portfolio:

  • Loss of governance because the service provider is in charge of security – SAP cloud based software solutions mitigate this issue by establishing a security incident system reporting to customers and making available a dashboard for customers.
  • Isolation failure because customers can access the data of other customers – SAP Enterprise Cloud Service implements a single tenancy, a security architecture concept is in place in order to secure customer landscapes, and technical security validation is conducted by external experts in order to verify and confirm implementation of the security architecture concept.
  • Malicious insider risk because employees of service provider might misuse their high-level privileges – SAP Cloud Portfolio assigns high-privileged generic accounts only for logging activated defined timeframe, internal controls are in place as part of external audits to review and govern the use of high privileged users.
  • Insecure or incomplete data deletion if customer data is not wiped upon contract termination – SAP Enterprise Cloud implements single tenancy and a decommissioning process.
  • Management interface compromise because the customer management interfaces featured by public cloud providers enable access to large set of resources and are internet accessible – SAP implements a solid security architecture concept to secure customer management interface and hypervisor, technical security validation that verifies implementation of security architecture concept is conducted by external experts.
  • Service engine compromise caused by access to hypervisor – SAP conducts vulnerability scans multiple times a year, penetration tests are also conducted multiple times a year by an external party.

SAP develops and continually improves cloud data-base security procedures and technical resources in order to increase the security of your IT infrastructure. The software developing company employs best practices and other resources to help you achieve a top level of information security. Since SAP takes all their customer’s security concerns very seriously, end-users are encouraged to contact the company if they discover potential security vulnerability in any SAP software solution. The software company’s developers and software engineers are constantly working to improve their product security measures.

Since more and more companies are moving to cloud solutions, SAP is particularly focusing their efforts to builds solid security into their data centers and cloud applications, to offer transparency, data privacy, and audit controls. SAP’s clients can move to the cloud with greater confidence and complete security. SAP applications are defended against threats with robust and security-rich cloud solutions. SAP’s clear security roadmap allows their clients to get the right mix of cloud capabilities. The company’s robust product quality and security, as well as privacy and data protection, have helped them to remain a trustworthy and reliable business partner.


By using best practices, security controls, identity as a service, and SAP’s access management SAP solutions provide solid support for data protection and privacy. SAP’s clients can gain integrated security management through co-location hosting centers and SAP-operated data centers. You can take advantage of advanced SAP cloud solutions, including multilayer security and cryptographic controls. You can quickly identify any incidents with escalation procedures, event reporting and notifications. With SAP cloud security’s comprehensive support for data privacy and protection companies can safeguard their information in the cloud and ensure that information security remains central to their strategy as they move to the SAP Cloud portfolio.

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