3 Technologies that Can Help Improve Your SAP CRM Usage

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Definitive Guide to Creating a Smooth SAP CRM Implementation.”
Several companies have stepped up to the challenge of optimizing CRM adoption levels and improving the user experience using technology solutions. Three such solutions are:

SAP Business Intelligence Adoption Rapid-Deployment Solution (2015)

Improved reporting is often cited as a key driver for implementing a new system, and with CRM touching all areas of a business and offering to provide a comprehensive customer picture, reporting/enquiry tools are fundamental. This offering from SAP assists users by:

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• Resolving user adoption issues by building trust in the data using the data reconciliation reports.

• Identifying the appropriate reporting tool for a need by explaining the differences between the available tools (e.g.      SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence for ad hoc reporting and Xcelsius for dashboards).

• Removing user confusion by using the data availability report.

For CRM specifically, it spans:

• CRM Marketing Analysis: Major businesses run multiple simultaneous marketing campaigns Understanding the performance of each campaign in lead generation and costs is essential and this scenario covers both lead management and campaign management.

• CRM ERP Integrated and Standalone Sales Analysis: Helps sales executives manage and plan sales activities and pipeline, drive sales revenue and manage their sales performance.

• CRM Service Analysis: Using this tool, it is possible to rapidly deploy a preconfigured, fixed-scope footprint of SAP CRM at a known cost.

• CRM Sales Analysis for BI Platform: provides analytics key performance indicators (both strategic and operational), which helps data analysis and informs decision making.

Miller Heiman Connector

Miller Heiman Connector (2015) enables users to couple process with technology to improve process adoption and enhance sales outcomes. The MH Sales planning and communication tools have bi-directional data-sharing capabilities and all information entered is synchronized with SAP CRM using Connector.

Therefore, Connector eliminates the time-consuming and error prone process of entering duplicate data. Users are able to leverage the reporting and analytical capabilities of SAP CRM to track sales process usage in order to help drive adoption-. The outputs also enable strategy testing.

Taken across the whole user spectrum of SAP CRM, front-line sales people do not usually demonstrate the highest levels of adoption when new systems are implemented, unless they see very clear individual benefits.

The Miller Heiman Connector clearly offers a significant practical incentive of time saving and error rate reduction.
Additionally, the technology provides salespeople with a simpler way to manage and communicate their sales opportunities. Sales managers have visibility into their team’s account strategies. The information available helps them coach the required process steps to develop individual selling skills.

WalkMe – Online Guidance and Engagement for SAP CRM

For those who are implementing the cloud-based version of SAP CRM applications, WalkMe is a great tool. Functionally rich, it is a training toolset which enables a business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion. It encourages self-service, accelerates training and drives increased levels of software adoption.

This SaaS solution simplifies SAP Cloud for Sales software usage. It provides direct step-by-step guidance at the moment of need, so that users can work efficiently and successfully, learning while they work. WalkMe removes the barriers of entry from other enterprise software platforms during an implementation, increases user productivity while lowering helpdesk requests, and reduces training time and costs.
It addresses the key challenges of training users in SAP CRM:

• Flexible on-demand ‘pull’ training allows flexible timescale and fit to individual work schedules and learning   capacity.

• Highly customizable to business processes and individual user roles.

• Ensures continuous learning and maximizes knowledge retention.

• Collation and answering of repeat questions.

• Collation of user adoption statistics.

• On-line, real-time, in-process user support.

• Eliminates retraining .

• Maintains the investment value of training .

With SAP Cloud for Sales, rolling out the application after pilot to other business segments is much easier than under the old model of on-premises CRM. WalkMe eliminates the old training model and therefore ensures that a faster rollout can be achieved with higher levels of user adoption than would otherwise be the case. When SAP Cloud for Sales is live, any required additional business process changes can easily be accommodated on the fly.


The White Paper covers a range of topics including:
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