SAP User Onboarding

What is an SAP user onboarding? And why should your company take this seriously? If you are working with SAP, then this article is for you. So, keep on reading below.

SAP User Onboarding

Using SAP can be overwhelming especially if you are new to it. So, it’s a must to have a structure for SAP user onboarding to guide your users and make them productive very fast.

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SAP user onboarding is the process that starts with creating your new users and ends with making them productive. The thing is that it’s not a process to be taken lightly because bad SAP user onboarding can end up in a huge failure.

When you start using any software, the first thing you do is run tutorials on how to use it. But we live in the 21st century and we need much more than just tutorials. Thus, we need something that will guide us through the process of transitioning into SAP for the first time. And to make us productive as fast as possible.

Why do I need SAP User Onboarding?

You may think that this is something unnecessary. But believe me when I say this, having an onboarding program is super important if you want to keep your users engaged with their job.  

With this simple guide, you will learn how to create a successful onboarding program for your company.

Steps of Successful SAP User Onboarding

Assess needs

The first thing you should do is assess your company’s needs. You should know what kind of people you are going to hire and what their expectations are.

Do they have previous experience with SAP? Do they have some other experience? Are they completely new to everything? You must know how experienced your users are. so you can customize the program according to their needs.

Create roles for each team member

After that, you should create roles for each member of your team according to their background and responsibilities. Then, you can create different training programs for different departments. Or just one role training program if they all play together in one department like Sales or HR, etc.

Define access rights carefully

After creating roles, it’s time to define access rights carefully. So users can only see what they’re supposed to see according to their roles. This will help them not spend time on things that are not important for them at this moment. So they can focus on their main tasks instead of wasting their time.

Create a structure for onboarding

Now it’s time to create a structure for SAP user onboarding. But first, you need to consider the following things:

  • Which kind of information should be presented to the user?
  • How should this information be presented?
  • How should users learn the information? 
  • What are the best learning methods? 
  • Can they be presented via e-learning or should they be presented in person by a trainer?

You must take your time to think about these things because creating a good onboarding program is very hard and time-consuming. But it will be worth it in the end. So, don’t rush it. It’s better to do something right once than do something wrong many times.