SAP Jam Review

SAP Jam is effective for bringing social collaboration at the place of work. It connects different departments in the work place and facilitates effective sharing of data and information. SAP Jam connects partners, colleagues and customers with information, processes and applications that bring about solutions to critical business problems and enhance improvement of results. All this takes place on your mobile devices, business applications or in SAP Jam.

By enhancing collaboration to HR, sales and other processes, you achieve shorter sales cycles, enhance employee-customer engagement as well as reduce costs of training.

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Functions of SAP Jam

There is a wide range of applications that you can use SAP Jam in. the common thing is that SAP Jam will always enhance and make better any process or application that you decide to use it in. here are some of the processes and applications that require SAP Jam for efficiency.

Streamline Vital Business Processes

You can make straight and easier most of the processes. It helps you connect and communicate with the different departments, partners and customers, monitor discussions in the social media and other media and gives you alerts on the system notifications to enhance a quick follow up. It also allows for creating and sharing videos or other content that would be important for sharing ideas. It helps you organize your work by incorporating data useful for decision making. It works by:

  • Connect: it enhances the communication process and connects employees in a better and effective way.
  •  Enhance info sharing: enable employees to share information quickly and find solutions to business problems
  • Enhance decision making: help the employees get in control of project chaos, enhance team work and making of informed decisions.
  •  External collaboration: helps business to communicate, strategize and improve relations with vendors, customers and partners.

Learning, HR, and Knowledge Management

SAP Jam is useful for executives and managers in learning, HR, and knowledge management. Here is how it works:

  • Social and blended learning: cuts training costs by enabling for informal learning such as creation of videos and contents and their sharing
  •  Social onboarding: enhances faster connecting of new employees to the organization and helps bring out their contribution
  •  Teamwork and common goal management: enhances creation of common goals and enhances achievement of the goals.

Sales and Service

SAP Jam is a very vital component for driving up the sales. It helps you speed up the cycle and shorten the process involved, as a result creating efficiency in the sales cycle. It works by:

  • Team creation: creates team work by bringing all participants together such as partners, sales, service, and product management. It also keeps stakeholders updated on the opportunity process
  • Partner and customer collaboration: helps to increase and maintain a healthy customer and partner collaboration with the organization. This helps maintain good stability for the organization.
  •  Social onboarding: helps new employees during their transition period and helps them contribute by connecting them to the processes, people and content they require
  •  Expertise location: connects sales teams with experts when they need to pull up close opportunities.

SAP Jam is therefore the software that is lacking in your business organization so as to make your goals and objectives become a reality. This software will surely make processes and applications easier and help you close key opportunities with ease. After Using SAP Jam, you will immediately see why this powerful tool is so beneficial for your business.

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