SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Process

What is the ideal SAP SuccessFactors onboarding process? How can your company implement this kind of process? If you want to know how to do so, then keep on reading below.

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Process

To begin, let us define SAP SuccessFactors onboarding. This refers to the process of getting a new employee up to speed in the company or organization. This process will involve the employee’s initial introduction to the company, as well as the training that an individual will undergo. This is the part where employees will be taught how to do their job, as well as their responsibilities. 

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The function of onboarding is an important one because it addresses three important things. These are:

  • Helps employees learn about company culture, policies, and procedures
  • Then, helps new employees adapt to the company 
  • Finally, helps new employees familiarize themselves with their tasks and responsibilities

Oftentimes, onboarding is done as soon as new employees have been hired. It is also possible that it will be done after a certain period. While there are companies that do not require onboarding, it is best if you can incorporate this in your business so that you can ensure that your new workers can do their job efficiently. Doing so will also help with the retention rate of your workers.

For this kind of process, companies need to make sure that they are following certain processes. This is for them to ensure that all the new workers can know everything about the business, from its operations down to its culture and policies. 

Then, an organization needs to have clear documentation on its policies, rules and regulations, and other pertinent information. So that they can be able to provide their employees with everything they need for them to get started. 

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Process: Things to Note

Another thing that companies should do when it comes to implementing this kind of program is to make sure that they have a good process. Especially when it comes to hiring people who are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to handling HR tasks and responsibilities. It is also ideal if you hire people who have experience when it comes to handling other HR tasks down line such as payroll or compensation systems. 

Additionally, the main purpose behind this kind of onboarding program is simply for companies or organizations to get a good start with their new workers. Thus, this way, they can be productive from day one.

Then, they should also do a proper training or orientation program. This is so that employees will be able to know how to handle the job and accomplish the tasks that they will be assigned. 

Then, it is also important for companies to take advantage of technology. They can do so by using the various applications that are now available in the market. These applications are specifically designed for onboarding new employees.


Onboarding has indeed been very effective in increasing employee loyalty, as well as boosting productivity among newly hired workers. Thus making this kind of process worth all the hard work that goes into it.