SAP Mobile Applications to Know

Mobile technology is a major part of our social and economic lives and SAP mobile applications have transformed the economic angle of this technology. Mobile devices are used not only for communication but for streamlining of business operations. Businesses have been transformed by the use of apps which are relevant a specific industry for their workers, customers and stakeholders. SAP mobile applications have ensured that key business and entrepreneurial processes are streamlined and accelerated. They have increased customer confidence by improving customer engagement through communication. They have led to speedy decision making use of cutting edge apps and they have led to high productivity in various industries. While it is encouraging to know what SAP mobile applications can do for your business, do you know them? Are you aware of any? And how can these applications help your business to grow? Well, it is helpful to look at a few and how they propel organisations to success.

SAP Mobile Applications to Know

SAP Work Manager Mobile App

One of the most used SAP mobile applications is the SAP Work Manager Mobile App. This app promotes field service productivity. It saves time and energy by eliminating paperwork and shortening work cycles. With the use of this app, it helps to keep maintenance costs down by ensuring workers’ safety. This app keeps safety checks and safety practices to make sure that employees are protected at work. This SAP mobile application assures high visibility by capturing real time data.

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SAP Sales Manager App

The SAP Sales Manager App speeds up the sales cycles by making sure that quotes are created on the go without bureaucratic processes which are slow. This app is designed to run on a variety of devices giving whoever is using it greater flexibility. It ensures that you have access to customers in way of calling them and informing them to eliminate waiting times. Tasks can be created and assigned using the app. You are able to meet customers’ demands in a smoother way by using this innovative application.

SAP Transport Notification and Status App

The SAP Transport Notification and Status app improves communication and streamlines the delivery of goods. It facilitates faster decisions in delivery. This app displays information on freight order details and reports the status of deliveries. For the freight orders, there is the luxury of a map where you can keep track of events as they go on. This application ensures that you have a list of assigned freight orders and check on the timeframe that goods are supposed to be delivered. You can check out details of a stop while goods are being transported. This makes sure that you can give an accurate report on data concerning delivery status and freight services.

The SAP Customer Loyalty App

Attracting new customers and retaining them is not an easy task. Meeting their demands is also not an easy task. We live in the age of instant gratification, every new product being released is easily latched on. But businesses that have managed to keep their clientele have employed strategies which hook their customers to their organisations. So with the SAP Customer Loyalty app, you are able to win and keep many customers. Of the SAP mobile applications, this one aims to reach the organisation out to the customer in a personal manner. What this app does is roll out offers which make the customer access your services through discounts on major products and also get rewards for transacting with your organisation. This app has eliminated the need for loyalty cards, cheapening production costs for the company, customers will have a digital platform in which they are able to redeem and add to their points. The advantage of this is that, there is minimal chance of loss of information. The customer using this app is able to check their status, review their points and look forward to upcoming rewards.

SAP Retail Execution App

To enhance the sales representative’s productivity in your business of the SAP mobile applications, there is one known as the SAP Retail Execution app. It provides relevant information at anytime, anywhere on progress of sales in the company. This application, creates and manages orders and returns, it ensures that the brand and product objectives are met by executing the strategies that have been envisioned by the organisation. You can access the history of orders and carry out an audit via this app. You can carry out efficient monitoring of sales.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer App

The SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer app gives a chance for the manufacturing, assembly and maintenance personnel to interact with 3D data and animations for the purpose of making informed decisions, improving asset uptime and streamlining resource utilization. With the app, you can easily zoom, pan images and rotate data using multi-touch gestures. One of those SAP mobile applications enables one to view step by step 3D visual work instructions. You can hide and show information which you think is relevant at the time, this means that it is not cumbersome for use. People get to work with complex 3D assemblies. Parts and assemblies relevant for business can be selected.

The SAP Inventory Manager App

Another one of the critical SAP mobile applications, is the SAP Inventory manager app. It aids in inventory management to avoid downtime and minimise downtime. This app ensures timely and effective management of field assets with a paperless system which enhances accurate tracking of inventory. This lowers costs, increases productivity, it optimizes the supply chain and ultimately improves customer service. The app enables you to check the availability of materials and you can perform physical and cycle quickly saving time and increasing accuracy.

Ultimately, SAP mobile applications are there to boost businesses at all levels of the value chain. No part is left out. Using these apps and many more at all levels of an organisation is very rewarding to not only the profit margins of the organisation but also the customers. As seen, these applications eliminate bureaucracies which slow down business and hold up precious time. SAP mobile applications are what could give you an edge over your competitors.

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