SAP Onboarding Implementation Guide

What is an SAP onboarding implementation guide? Why do companies need to know what this is? How can your company benefit from this? Let us know more below.

SAP Onboarding Implementation Guide

To begin, SAP onboarding refers to the formal procedure of implementing the SAP system to your business operations. Its goal is to help move your business from the old system to the new one. It involves a lot of planning, changes in your business processes, training of employees, and support from the SAP implementation project team.

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What is an SAP onboarding implementation guide? An onboarding implementation guide helps you navigate your company’s transition from the old system to the new one. While it is commonly used by companies who are implementing SAP, it can also be created even if you are switching to another ERP solution. 

Then, it comprises of:

  • A roadmap that includes all the activities that need to be implemented for you to use the new system successfully. It is important for each activity that needs to be completed before using the new system to be written down in detail to help make a smooth transition.
  • Specific information that provides steps on how to use each module of your new SAP system. Since it was created for a particular company, then, the information provided should have been customized based on their current operations and industry. 
  • Recommended documents that contain templates and other resources needed when transitioning from the old system to the new one. Then, the documents should include templates for systems migration, employee training, and user guides. 
  • Tips on how your employees can make use of the new system in their daily operations. It includes information on how they can become productive right away using features like “quick start” and “best practices”.

Why Do Companies Need an Onboarding Implementation Guide?

Companies need an onboarding implementation guide because it helps them implement the new SAP system effectively. It is made according to their business operations and requirements. So, this means that it will not only provide clear instructions but also detailed information on how they can use each feature of their new SAP system effectively. 

How can your company benefit from this? Companies that use an onboarding implementation guide are more likely to implement their new systems in a shorter period. Then, with lesser problems encountered along the way. 

Further, the resources included will help them:

  • train employees, 
  • minimize errors during data migration, 
  • maximize productivity 
  • and become more competitive in their market through better business processes.

Then, companies implementing a new SAP system can better focus their efforts on other important projects by creating an onboarding implementation guide.

If you are looking for a way to create an onboarding implementation guide for your company, then, we suggest that you look for a professional service provider. Then, they will be able to help you create one easily.


So, if you are looking for an implementation guide that will help you make the transition smoothly from your old system to the new one, then, make sure to look for an onboarding implementation guide. It will help you save time and energy in implementing your new SAP system