The Features of SAP Travel Management

The SAP Travel Management is a software application that is integrated into the travel management systems of a hotel and tourism business in order to innovate their operations. It empowers the employees experience with advanced technological equipments and skills in order to provide high quality services.

This highly efficient software application enable the hotel and tourism business to stream line the travel management duties and responsibilities from the planning phase of a business trip, the travel expenses to be incurred, process of making the formal request for travel and getting the approval to travel, and reimbursement of funds to clients. An organization is able to effectively raise the productivity of its employees through the effective reduction of administrative duties and responsibilities.

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It improves the control and management of cash within an organization and integrates a financial process that guides all new payments to their respective fields of management. Financial reports are automatically drafted in accordance to every transaction made and every cash transfer made. The systems also advance the organizations’ realization of how to make better savings of their finances through the implementation of better policies.

Features of SAP Travel Management

The software application contains the following features:

1. Travel planning features which include the following tasks to be performed

  •  Platform where the potential travel clients make their formal request and their approval for travel. This platform is identified as the SAP Business workflow.
  •  Booking and reservation system which enables the clients to check online for available hotel rooms and pricing rates according to the season of their travel. They are also able to access other information such as the travel planning rights. The transportation services offered at the destination of travel such as car rentals and rail transport.
  •  External trip data which include the ability to use a portable computer, internet and email services while residing in the destination of travel.

2. Travel expenses is the second feature in the system and it contain he following features

  •  Credit card clearing which enables majority of the clients to make their payments via credit cards and have their payment instantly cleared without any disruptions. This can be done either online or even physically at the hotel reception.
  • The systems have an optical archive which provides clear visibility of all data in the systems for both internal and external purposes.
  •  Travel expenses controlling is feature that provides the business with accurate reports and statistics of the all transactions conducted within the organization and by all clients who are utilizing the facilities of the hotel.
  • ALE data transfer which transfers data in the following fields if interests; financial accounting, cost accounting controlling human resource payroll and management financial funds.

3. Information systems that analyze the travel expenses for cost control measures as well as offer transparency for the potential travel clients.


This software is also highly innovative for international use as it be customarily be configured to meet the country’s specific travel management requirements and rules and regulations. The SAP travel management offer the travel and tourism industry a new ways to enhance the industry with effective service provision and at the most affordable costs.
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