SAP Onboarding App

Is there any SAP onboarding app that companies can use today? How can these apps help them onboard their new employees to SAP? Let us find out below.

SAP Onboarding App

To begin, what is SAP onboarding? This refers to the process a new hire goes through to familiarize themselves with the company’s SAP systems. It helps the new hire learn how to navigate the SAP system and use it to perform their duties once they start work.

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How is an SAP onboarding app helpful to companies? Using an SAP onboarding app can help companies speed up their SAP onboarding process. This will save them time and effort because they do not have to train their new hires on how to use the SAP system. Instead, they can let their new hires learn how to use it using the onboarding app.

Further, companies can also save money using an app because they do not have to hire a training consultant or send their new hires for training classes. The onboarding app provides training that is easy and self-directed.

Then, an app also provides a more flexible learning environment for the new hire. This can be especially helpful for those who are working while studying or learning a language as they prepare for work in another country.

Additionally, onboarding apps help companies achieve their goal of having every employee trained on how to use the company’s SAP system when they start work. They provide self-paced training that allows employees to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Also, this app is designed specifically for each company which makes it easier for employees to get familiarized with the system quickly. They can then start working right away, even while learning the system at their own pace. Thus, this saves them time and resources.

SAP Onboarding App: How?

How can companies take advantage of this kind of app? First, they will need to assess and analyze what they want from this kind of app. They need to decide how they want their employees to learn the system.

For example, they can ask themselves the following:

  • How much time do they want to spend on training? 
  • What type of training do they want their employees to receive?
  • They will also need to identify what their goals are for this kind of app. What are they looking for? Do they want to speed up the onboarding process? Would they like their employees to complete the training before they start work?

Then, companies need to identify which vendors and suppliers can provide them with an onboarding app that can achieve their goals and meet their requirements. This is an important step because companies will only receive the type of app that is compatible with their needs and requirements.


An SAP onboarding app can help companies save time and money when it comes to training new hires on how to use their SAP systems. It provides a training system that is self-paced and self-directed and allows employees to learn at any time during the day or night and at any place.