Features of SAP MaxDB

SAP MaxDB is the database management system developed by SAP. The DB is a relational database management system that is compliant to ANSI SQL-92.

SAP MaxDB is meant for large environments that utilize SAP solutions. It is also used by applications that need database functionality at enterprise level.

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The Features of SAP MaxDB

1. Programming Interfaces

While MaxDB is written in C++, it offers bindings for the other programming interfaces. MaxDB can be used in conjunction with a number of programming interfaces, which are used for administration and development. These include OBDC, C, Precompiler, Perl DBI, PHP, Python, and JDBC among others.

The bindings offer mapping services that enables two programming languages to be bridged. This enables libraries used in C++ to be used in other programming languages, which is why MaxDB can be used with so many programming interfaces.

The availability of a huge variety of programming interfaces enables you to have plenty of options with regard to the programming language that you want to use for your cloud-based systems.

2. Multi-Platform Compatibility

SAP MaxDB has cross-platform capabilities. This means that the database management system from SAP can be used in a wide variety of operating systems. Some of the systems that can accommodate MaxDB include Linux, Microsoft windows 2000, Solaris, Microsoft Windows XP, IBM AIX and many more.

You should therefore ensure that you check the types of platforms that are compatible with your MaxDB product before purchase, since there are a number of versions available.

3. Interactive Capabilities

MaxDB tools have both GUI (Graphics User Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) capabilities. This enables you to interact with the program via graphics and command line console, depending on which methods best suits your needs.

4. SQL Features

MaxDB SQL features are compatible with SQL-92 entry-level. In addition, the SQL aspect is made in such a way that it can be compatible with Oracle 7.

5. Backup Features

MaxDB from SAP has a variety of capabilities with regard to backup support. It also has in-built online backup features.

Some of the supported backup tools include Networker, HiBack, Netvault, and Backint for Oracle.

6. Online Features

One of the best things about MaxDB is the fact that it does not need any reorganization online. It also has the capability to support expansion of databases online.

The software is also considered high availability mode with a small records of faults.

7. Script Features

With SAP MaxDB, there is support for Microsoft cluster server. There is also a provision that allows other systems to write scripts based on their own failover solutions.

8. Licensing Features

Different versions of MaxDB have been licensed under different conditions. Most of them are licensed As GPL with LPGL drivers and GPL with GPL drivers. While older versions of the software were open source, the current versions are closed source software with restrictions for anyone who is not using a SAP environment.


Based on the features that SAP MaxDB contains, it is evident that the database management software is a great tool to have for any business that is looking for flexibility.

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