The SAP Mobile Platform Architecture Overview

  SAP mobile platform refers to an application platform for mobile enterprise that is to simplify the task of applications design which ensure linkage of business information to mobile devices for management of workflow and integration of back office. Some of Its features include appcelerator, Mobile analytics kit, eclipse plugin, unwired platform runtime, mobile SDK,

Using SAP Integration Gateway – Best Practices

SAP integration gateway is continuously gaining popularity amongst users. The benefits that SAP has brought into business in terms of automation, data syncing, filtering and management of various operations are simply inexhaustible. There are many specific-purpose applications and tools provided to help businesses achieve optimum integration of data sourced from multiple platforms. Integration gateway is

Understanding the SAP UX Strategy

SAP UX strategy is generally aimed at bringing excellent products to customers. Using principles of design-thinking, SAP aims at maintaining the core value-of listening to the customers’ needs & quickly incorporating the customers’ feedback into their products. With influence of the consumer software making its’ way in to the enterprise, the strategy is aimed at