SAP Vendors Onboarding

What are the reasons for conducting SAP vendors onboarding? Why do you also need to onboard your vendors in SAP? If you want to know why then keep on reading.

SAP Vendors Onboarding: Why?

SAP vendors onboarding is important because it will ensure that vendors understand the requirements and the process followed by you in SAP. This will make it easier for them to integrate with your company’s SAP system.

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When will you onboard your vendors? You will need to do it as soon as possible, preferably on the first day possible. The reason is that if you don’t do it, there is a high chance of vendors not being familiarized with the process, which may slow down things when they start to work.

If you find it difficult to onboard your vendors as soon as possible, then at least, do it within a few days after they join your company. The reason behind this is that they will be able to find their way around the system much easier than if they were to wait for days or weeks before doing anything.

SAP Vendors Onboarding: The Process

The process of SAP vendors onboarding is quite simple. All you have to do is brief them about how things work in your SAP system and about what you require from them. In this briefing, make sure you include information about:

  • How orders are created and how they flow through various stages 
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the organization 
  • Who are the contacts that they need to speak with if they encounter any issues 
  • Any other details which they may need to know regarding vendor management in your company 

After this, you also need to create a contact list of people who can help your vendors with any problems. Or queries that they may have during their time working with you. You must include all the people who can help in this contact list. So that your vendors know who to go to if there is a problem. That way, there will be no confusion and everything will run smoothly.

SAP Vendors Onboarding: The Benefit

The benefit of conducting SAP vendors onboarding is that it makes things much easier for your vendors. They won’t face any problems when working with your company’s SAP because they’ll know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. 

Thus, this will save them a lot of time and energy which would’ve been wasted otherwise in trying to get used to your system. It also saves you time because all the training needed for them has already been conducted by you. And now all they have to do is execute what they have learned.


So, if your company is doing SAP vendors onboarding then make sure you do it as soon as possible so that there is no delay in the work of your vendors. If you do it, then you’ll be able to save a lot of time, energy, and effort. In this way, your vendors will be able to start working on the first day itself and will be able to complete their work much faster than they expected.