An SAP Learning Hub Onboarding

What is an SAP learning hub onboarding? How can companies benefit from putting up this kind of hub? If you want to know more about this, then keep on reading below.

An SAP Learning Hub Onboarding

An SAP learning hub onboarding refers to a kind of SAP implementation that focuses on training and training only. Also, the implementation is done on a single system or platform. In this kind of implementation, the company does not implement any other software from SAP.

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Then, this kind of implementation is usually for companies that are interested in training their staff about SAP but do not want to implement other SAP software solutions in their business. 

Thus, companies that are interested in this kind of implementation should have a staff who knows and understands the use of the SAP system. And can also train other employees who will be using the same system.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing An SAP Learning Hub Onboarding?

There are lots of benefits that companies can get when they will be implementing an SAP learning hub onboarding. Here are some of those benefits: 

1. There is no need to hire additional IT staff or consultants. When a company is implementing an SAP learning hub onboarding, they will only need to hire one person to do the training and that’s it. After they have hired the person, they don’t have to worry about hiring another person again. Since such a person can also do the job of teaching other people how to use and operate the SAP system. 

2. More time for business operations. Since there is no need to hire another IT staff or consultant, a company will have more time for business operations. As well as for more important things in their daily operations. This saves them time and money as well. 

3. Easy access to training materials. With this hub, all the training materials will be available in one single place only. So there is no need to look for it all over again every single time they want to learn something new or refresh what they already know. 

4. Training becomes easier. With this hub, there are plenty of videos and tutorials that you can watch or read. So you don’t have to go through boring days of just sitting and listening to someone talk about things you already know and understand. But have no idea how it works in real-life situations so you still don’t know how it works until you see it in action which can be very slow and boring sometimes. 

5. Works offline. With an online-based learning hub, it means that a company does not need an internet connection anymore just so they can learn something new. This is a huge plus because internet connectivity can be very slow sometimes especially during peaks.


As you can see, it is beneficial for companies to implement an SAP learning hub onboarding. This is because not only will they have their own training center but they can also save money and time. And implement the system faster than if there is no onboarding at all.