Top 5 SAP Books

Good information is usually found in reading materials specifically books and SAP books are no different because they provide extensive knowledge on the SAP technology which can come in handy when you are using it and even when one is simply a SAP enthusiast. For anyone who wants to learn SAP or simply needs a reference source, finding a good SAP book will be a requirement.

There are SAP books available that have the knowledge for preparing for certification or any related interview. Such books often contain the sample questions and the answers. There is also another category of the books that is meant for professionals and contains advanced SAP topics.

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Useful SAP Books

1. APMM, Functionality & Technical Configuration

This book focuses on key areas within MM and explores their specific functionalities. The author has portrayed vital cross-application issues such as document management, classification, batch management and so on. Anyone who reads this book is able to better understand the whole SAP MM and their skills and ability to apply MM functionalities in daily work tasks will be greatly improved.

2. SAP Exchange Infrastructure

This is a unique reference that offers technical consultants, system administrators and architects with the much needed comprehensive introduction to SAP Exchange Infrastructure and more of SAP integration broker. The reader will also get a guided tour of the unique designs of collaborative processes, the messages, the development of interfaces, mappings, proxies and more

3. AP BW Reporting & Analysis

Through this book, you will get clear instructions for implementing, optimizing reporting, executing and analysis functions in the SAP BW as per your own specific requirements. You will be in a position to uncover vital insights concerning the BEx Query Designer, SAP business content, SAP BW Information Broadcasting, BEx Web App Designer and more. It also contains the full SAP BW glossary and additional information that makes this book the best for useful everyday projects.

4. Mastering , HR Management With SAP

In this book you will learn all about personnel selection and how to move HR data to the other departments like accounting and other related departments. There are also volumes of very useful information on controlling personnel. The book is perfect especially for users of SAP R/3 Enterprises.

5. SAP – Security & Authorizations

In this book you will uncover complete details on all aspects of IT security inside the SAP NetWeaver environment. You will also be well informed on important topics such as risk evaluation, designing vital security measures, creating control options and so on. You will gain extensive knowledge in security and there is no information that is left out on this topic. It is worthy read.

Getting knowledge on SAP is very important for any business owner or for anyone interested in working with SAP in the future. SAP is an important part of modern business operations which is why the knowledge is very useful. There are more SAP books but the above ones are the most useful for any SAP enthusiasts who are interested in mastering the SAP technology.


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