What Is SAP Training Version?

What is the SAP training version? How important is it to learn about the SAP training version? These are some of the things we will tackle below.

Introducing SAP Training Version

The SAP training version is another name for the SAP product version. The SAP training version is considered NOT production-ready. 

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It is a kind of beta version used by the developers and testers to check how everything works in a real environment. This is why it is not recommended to use the SAP training version in a real production environment. 

However, some people still do use it, and there are even companies that use it as the main production environment. It is because they have not implemented the new software yet.

If you download this version and install it. So you will notice that everything works the same as in the real production environment except for one thing.

 It is the products are different :

SAP Training Version vs Production Version

There are several differences between the SAP training version and the real production version. SAP user roles are not equal in both versions.

So SAP users will have different roles in each of them. The user role changes depending on whether you are using a production or training /4HANA.

The system administrator role has more privileges when using a production of SAP S/4HANA than when using a training one. This is why, when downloading a training version.

So you should make sure that only a few people have access to it. Since all of them will be system administrators with full permissions. 

The same goes for other users, it makes sure that you give them only minimal permissions. If you decide to download the software and install it on your company’s network.

The products are different when using a production version. So you can only see real products while there are some “dummy” products in a training environment.

Although these products cannot be used in an actual production environment. They can be used to test certain features and functionalities (that’s why they exist).

The reports available in a training environment are also different from those available in a real production environment. We can conclude that the most important feature when using a training version of SAP S/4HANA.

It is that you can test everything before implementing the software.

Production Version

When starting to use SAP, it is recommended to use the production version. So you can be sure that everything will work properly. 

The training version is not suitable for a production environment. Even though it seems to be the same as the real one, there are still differences between them.

All of these differences have to do with the fact that it is considered a beta version and not production-ready. So make sure that your company implements the real software instead of using this one. 

What Are Advantages Of Using SAP Training Version?

If you are an SAP beginner and you have never implemented a new software. Then the most important thing is to find out what it is like to use the software before you do so. 

This is why it is recommended to use a training version before installing a real production one. So you can make sure that everything works fine.

It is also very important to test all the functionalities and get used to how they work. This will help you understand if your company will benefit from using this software or not. 

The most important thing when using a training version of S/4HANA is that it can be used as a “testing” environment. This means that you can test several features and make sure that everything works fine in your company’s network.