The Value of SAP Workforce Performance Builder

SAP Workforce Performance Builder is an enterprise software solution for big companies as well as small businesses that deal with user support content and empowerment of end-users. The based enterprise software and solution company has been supplying companies with the technological help and services they need to be more efficient in transactions and saving time with customer care processes.

The Value of SAP Workforce Performance Builder

SAP Workforce Performance Builder is a context based performance support tool that allows the work force to quickly master new tasks with minimal intervention and training, hence facilitating constant adaptation. This means saving you on costs spent on those processes. By allowing workers to master information and processes, it builds their confidence when dealing with different situations with customers, and as a result, giving you a highly competent and high-performance workforce while at the same time saving you money on the money that would be spent to constantly train them in case of any new information.

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The software aids project managers and content developers in the HR, help desk, IT departments in your company. From the creator end, the software allows them to create optimized training content and simulations and user help for the workforce. All this can be done from a single central tool of the software: recording tool. From the recording tool, content creators can create, edit, deploy, and track many things, including rapid e-learning, process documentations, context sensitive user help, and training simulations. The power and flexibility of the single tool allows the enterprise to reduce training costs that arise from support and helpdesk activities and reduce dependency on training infrastructures needed to conduct necessary trainings.


The central tool of the whole process being a recording tool does for many advantages for the company in terms of expediency and accuracy. From the single recording, multiple formats of information’s can be disseminated. Simulations, context sensitive help, documentation, and e-learning are the formats that come out of a single customer-helper transaction. From the formats now is where content creators come in. From the information found in the single recording, content creators are able to create different training information to be distributed to the rest of the personnel.

How it works

There are four components to the SAP Workforce Performance Builder which work together to create a holistic and effective user support content. There are the instant producer, manager, and navigator components in the software.


Instant producer is an assistant driven recording tool that captures the on-going processes between the SME and the user. This tool allows dissemination of collected information to content authors who then use the information to create learning materials aimed to improve the workforce’s efficiency.

· Manager: this is a central server based tool that works between content creators. It is based on the content production environment with a de-centralized team of content authors. This is a key advantage for an enterprise because it allows real-time collaboration on content creation from all authors. It allows authors to collaborate on content revision, versioning, change history, and finally, project reporting capabilities that allow the team to come to a conclusion in real time without the need of face to face meetings. This component contains necessary task, role, and permission management tools for both the author and the end user.

· Navigator: This is the end-user guide based off on the content created. It guides the user step by step through any new, complex, or rarely used processes and allows the user to get up to speed in an efficient and quick manner.

Through the entire process, the SAP support team is on standby to help employees through all the phases and equip them with necessary information they need for better performance.

How is SAP Workforce Performance Builder Different?

The software has key characteristics that set it apart and above the fray when it comes to efficiency software. One, it has the capability to disseminate multiple output formats from just a single recording. Two, it provides high content accuracy and quality. Three, it has the ability to localize information. And finally, it is a fast and easy software for content production.

The Value  

When considering all the above stated processes and their impact on increasing the quality of customer and user relations, it is a useful tool indeed. It enables content creators to create information based on a live recording and make any changes. The software gives employees the necessary tools they need when they need it in customer care. It provides a creative and unique solution to the reduction of the costs that can add up from training courses which can also be time-consuming. Instead, the software provides support for employee tasks at hand and in effect, significantly reduces procedural errors.

Ultimately, what this does is increase competence of the workforce which in turn increases worker productivity by allowing and facilitating a faster adoption of the new software and its processes. When it comes to employing new workers, it expedites the training process by almost instantly equipping them with the information they need and get them ready to work. The software further helps the business or enterprise in reducing costs that may be incurred to facilitate a support cost. Instead of workers to phone in the help desk, they can find answers right at their finger tips.

Not only does this save time in dealing with problems, but also frees up the support staff to deal with customer problems. In the end, the return the enterprise and/or business benefits from a competent work force makes the software investment very worth the implementation.

The many benefits of the software are efficiency based. By allowing the work force to be fully competent, it allows the staff to be fully knowledgeable and able to conduct many activities without much consultation. As a result, it reduces help-desk inquiries, consultancy, and support and training costs while at the same time increasing speed in process execution and sales cycles.

For a company aiming for success, reducing much of the unnecessary costs in training programs while at the same time providing competent help and information to improve worker efficiency helps in increasing productivity. In the end, the value of SAP Workforce Performance Builder far surpasses that of many other similar software with similar capabilities.

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