Utilizing SAP Testing Tools

SAP is considered the hub of the world economy and this makes SAP testing essential. SAP has several functional modules that cover an organization’s basic functions. The most popular functional modules include sales and distribution, finance and controls, material management, production planning, plant maintenance, and human resource.

There are various SAP testing tools that an organization can use to aid in examining software. These testing capabilities can be used through SAP Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver. The tools include SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench, SAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer, SAP LoadRunner, SAP eCATT, SAP Solution Manager Business, SAP Test Data Migration System, and SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization. The tools are categorized into performance, functional, and automation testing tools.

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SAP Manager Business Blueprint

This tool an organization to document its business processes. It also makes it easy to assign both automated and manual test cases.

SAP Solution Manager Test Workbench

This tool allows the management of the functional tests. It makes it possible to plan, execute, and report the status of the tests. Once the test has been reported an organization can use this tool to sign off.

SAPManager Business Change Analyzer

This is a valuable tool that helps to provide impact analysis before a company modifies one of its business processes. It allows an organization to identify the aspects that will be affected if the change was to be implemented. Organizations need to be well prepared when they are trying to implement change. The change has to have a positive impact on the organization and this tool makes it easy to determine if it is necessary or not.

SAP LoadRunner

Organizations can use this tool to help them to imitate running software. When a company is choosing software it has to determine if it can withstand high loads. It is also necessary to check software performance to ensure it is suitable to help an organization to attain its objectives. This tool comes in handy became it can simulate software under very high loads. It also checks the performance of the software to determine its suitability.


The tool is used to develop automated functional tests for applications that run using SAP GUI. It can be used in various environments including Web Dynpro, Windows/Java/HTML.

SAP Test Data Migration System

Organizations can utilize this tool to populate QA systems within a short period. This tool uses a snapshot of information obtained from an organization’s production environment to carry out the testing.

SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization

This can be described as one of the most important SAP tools. It supports the automation of business process tests. This is done through the generation of test components for SAP transactions that are SAPGUI-based. QA professionals can utilize this tool to break down the various business processes into distinct elements to allow for unit testing. Organizations can take advantage of this tool to lower costs and the associated with introducing innovative SAO patches and software into production. It contains various products including SAP Quality Center, SAP QuickTest , and Bi-directional integration with SAP solution Manager.

SAP testing tools can be valuable for any organization that wants to optimize software use in its day to day operations.

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