Using SAP Transaction Codes

SAP transaction codes refer to an application consisting of letters and numbers used in a computer program. Each SAP transaction code has a function linked to it I. e. SAP ERP. The SAP transaction code is used in accessing the SAP application, rather than entering the menu, navigation and execution separately, the transaction code does this in a single step. In short the transaction codes functions in a similar way to the shortcuts in the windows OS systems.

What are SAP Transaction Codes?

More than 100,000 transaction codes linked together forms the sap transaction codes. One can also contribute to the transaction codes by adding additional links. Some examples of additional links that may be integrated into these codes include MI-GO-good movements, VS00-master data and lastly VD04-customer account changes just to mention a few.

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Business Application Programming

The SAP application codes have seen the emergence of Advanced Business Programming-(ABP). This innovation is under the (4GLs) also known as the fourth generation of computer systems. The report language system gives the large corporations a chance to build a business application system for material management as well as accounting management.

The ABAP language came into being with the need to enhance and support the SAP applications. Through it, many customers are able to develop custom reports or interface with the help of ABA programming system. In short, ABAP is the language used in creating programs for the R/3 systems. SAP codes on the other hand support the developments by both JAVA and ABAP by using their systems.

ABC Coding Dictionary System

The dictionary consists of metadata regarding the SAP transactions system, the coding dictionary is closely linked with the work bench in the central database. The work bench provides tools for editing various programs. The SAP transaction codes aids in displaying and maintaining the metadata. Each program consists of a sentence defined as a statement or ABAP key words. It is interesting to note that the transaction code does not differentiate between upper and the lower cases while typing. Other key elements of the coding dictionary are data elements, search helps, indexes and lastly tables

SAP Basis

There exists a clear abstraction in operating systems, database and lastly business applications systems. This has the benefit of ensuring that a given application does not wholly depend on a specific server. An SAP code system consists of instances added by a central relational database. This helps in gaining access to the programs or data stored in the central database.

In addition to that, this is also enhanced by the web application that consists of presentation layer, application layer and lastly the database layer.

In conclusion, the transaction codes can be called via any system provided that it is defined or user specific. Apart from that, you can gain access to the transaction codes present. This is done by entering into a command field present in each and every SAP screen. However, it is critical to note that, there exists non-executable programmers which includes interface and subroutine pools.

You should be familiar with SAP Transaction codes after reading this overview.

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