Understanding the SAP ELearning tool

It is important that you learn everything there is to know about SAP, which is why SAP e learning will come in handy. These online courses will allow you to pursue courses related to SAP after which you will receive your certification. Armed with your new qualifications, you are in a much better job to ascend up the organization ladder with less obstacles along the way.

Understanding the SAP E Learning Tool 

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What can you learn?

SAP elearning is offered on two main levels. The foundation courses are those that will enable you to understand SAP solutions at a more basic level. The business process courses on the other hand, will enable you to learn how to carry out daily business operations like plant maintenance while using SAP solutions.

Some of the online courses offered on SAP e-learning platforms are outlined below.

SAP Introduction 1

The course is an online course for people who are new to SAP solutions in a workplace setting. This training program will provide you with all the basic information you need to perform fundamental tasks such as production, purchasing, inventory, sales and finance. You need this information if you are to work with any SAP system.

SAP SD consultant

The course is one that helps you acquire the skills you need to become an expert at SD customization or to become a sales and distribution consultant. Some of the content covered in this course includes SD configuration, introduction to NewWeaver and LiveSandbox access among others.

SAP FICO Consultant

If you want to become a FICO customization expert or become a SAP FICO consultant, then the SAP FICO consultant course is the best option for you. During this course, you will cover subjects such as SAP introduction, FICO configuration courses and the complete FICO user package.


SAPALL refers to SAP complete user training package. The training program enables you to cover all SAP modules for a period of one year. During this time, you will also have access to updated versions of SAP user courses.

SAPALL is a good training course to embark on if you want to learn a little bit of everything about all topics related to SAP users. It will help you get an idea of what your SAP system is all about. In all, there are over 600 lessons on SAP that you will cover during the one year period.

SAP complete SCM/PLM Logistics user training

The course will enable you to learn all you can about logistic modules in SAP for a whole year. Whenever there is new content released, you will be able to get access to it because your account will be updated automatically.

You should consider the course if you are interested in learning more or working in a field that utilizes SAP SCM/PLM Logistics systems. It will give you a better understanding of what is expected of you.

SAP SD Shipping Process Configuration

You should consider doing the course if you intend to become an expert at SD customization or if you want to become a SAP SD consultant. Some of the topics covered include various configurations, SAP introduction, and complete SD user package. You will also learn about defining routes and maintaining route determinations, defining storage conditions and defining shipping point schedules among others.

If you are interested in working with the shipping sector in organizations that utilize SAP systems, then the course is one of the best options you have as far as SAP elearning is concerned.

SAP SD Pricing & conditions configuration

The course is one that can help you become a SAP SD consultant. It can also enhance your SD customizing skills. During the duration of the course, you will learn how to define types of conditions, how to determine pricing procedures, how to define the taxation rules and many more topics.

Before you go through this course however, you may want to consider doing the SAP SD user-training course. It will make this program easier to tackle.

Why SAP E-learning

No SAP elearning course is free. However, there are many benefits to you and your company, if you choose to go through these online courses. Some of them are outlined below.

  • SAP systems can be quite hard to work with for a beginner without any training. By learning the basics at least, you will be able to learn how to perform your daily tasks in the workplace using the system. That will help to enhance the quality of work you do, which in turn enhances overall productivity within the organization.
  • E-learning courses dealing with SAP topics enhance your knowledge and practical skills. This enables you to enhance your value within the organization. It will make it easier for you to get a new job or better job via promotions. After all, no business would be willing to lose people with SAP expertise.
  •  SAP elearning ensures that you can schedule your classes within your normal schedule depending on when you have free time. It is possible for you to access the learning content from the comfort of your home or office. Even when you are in a remote location of the world, you can access the course content when you need it. All you need is a good internet connection.
  • SAP Certified courses offered through credible learning platforms online provide you with an opportunity to learn about SAP systems very effectively. The curriculum meets the highest standards set within various industries. Even when high quality education of a similar nature is not available in your home country, the online learning platforms make it easier for you to access it anyway. You can therefore be assured that you are getting great value for the money.
  • Studying online allows you to access all the information you need regarding SAP at much lower prices than you would have spent otherwise. You do not have to pay for daily commute, relocation, or boarding fees simply to access the educational programs. This ensures that even on a limited budget, you can boost your job prospects because the training programs are priced fairly.

Is SAP E learning worth it?

Learning online may not be the most conventional way of you getting your education, but SAP e Learning is something you must consider.

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