The SAP Training HANA

There are lots of advantages to having SAP training HANA. So to learn those advantages we will discuss the following information about SAP training HANA.

What Is SAP Training HANA?

SAP training HANA is the software platform for business analytics and big data processing. It is a cost-effective and high-performance in-memory platform for data management, analysis, and business applications. 

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SAP HANA is a column-based database that provides rapid access to both structured and unstructured data. Also, this is a system of SAP. 

SAP HANA is also called SAP HANA live. 

It is a life that is used for reporting, analysis, and visualization. SAP training HANA offers in-memory databases that are very fast. 

SAP HANA live can be used for data in the cloud or on-premise. It provides real-time responses to users and supports social media.

Why do You need To Learn SAP Training HANA?

There are several reasons why you should learn SAP training HANA. It’s because of its important features like:

  • Data can be queried by using SQL or NoSQL queries
  • It allows in-memory analytics with real-time response
  • It’s safe to use with high-security options
  • It has simplified development because it supports BSD standards

So let us discuss the first one of these features later in this article about why you should learn SAP training HANA. So let’s have a look at the details of the data that can be queried by using SQL or NoSQL.

Data Can Be Queried By Using SQL Or NoSQL Queries :

To query data, it’s necessary to use different types of queries according to the database you are using in your application. Since SAP HANA live uses both SQL and NoSQL.

So there is no need to integrate different types of queries in your application according to the database used by your application at that time. For example, some companies may use Oracle databases for some projects.

But another project may use SQL server databases. So they have to learn different kinds of queries to use them in their application. 

But with the help of SAP HANA live you don’t need to learn different kinds of queries. It is because here you can use both types of database queries while creating your application. 

So you can save lots of time while developing your application using this platform. Rather than other platforms like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server etc.

So it gives you a more safe and flexible programming environment when compared with other platforms. NoSQL is used in SAP HANA live for applications. 

Also, we can use SQL queries to query data from SAP HANA live. It’s possible to use NoSQL queries along with SQL in a single application. 

But if you’re using SQL for your application. Then you should use NoSQL for your reporting, analysis, and visualization. 

SAP HANA live supports both types of queries. So it will be very easy to use this platform when compared with other platforms. 

There are lots of applications that use this platform like ERP, CRM, BW, BI, and other areas. It is possible to maintain the same standards with this platform while creating your application. 

Here we can easily create transparent, flexible, and secure applications with less effort than any other platform. This is why it’s good to learn SAP training HANA.