The Sap SuccessFactors Onboarding Reports

There are a lot of advantages of having the Sap SuccessFactors onboarding reports. These reports include many factors that you could use, and what are these?

We will know in this section.

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Inclusion In Sap Successfactors Onboarding Reports

These reports give you the information of all your employees. You can see their status and what they have done in their first month since you have hired them.

This is extremely important because it will tell you if your new employee is working or not because if he isn’t. It means that you have to find a way to make him work or else he is going to be eliminated.

In this case, the reports will show you the percentage of work done by your employee. It is better if you know about it sooner than later. It is because if there are no problems then everything will be okay. But if there are problems, you have time to fix them.

Another advantage of these reports is that they will show you how many hours your employee has worked. As well as how much time he has wasted.

It will help you understand whether or not your employees are working as much as they should.

Features in Sap SuccessFactors Onboarding Reports

These reports are extremely important for your business because they will help you in many ways. So, here are some of the features that you can find.

1. Working Time Of Your Employees

You can see all the information about the working hours of your employees. You will see how many hours they have worked and how much time they have wasted.

2. Number Of Days They Have Been Working

You can also know if your employee works on holiday or not. The Sap SuccessFactors reports will show you how many days he has been working for you. If he has been working for a lot of days, it means that he is working well and doing his job.

3. Percentage Of Work Done

Another advantage of these reports is that they will show you how much work your employee has done. The percentage will tell you about how much work your employee has done during his first month of work.

If you want to know the percentage of work done. Then these reports are perfect for you. They will give you all the information that you need to know.

There is also some other information that you can find in these reports.

1. The Status Of Your Employee

In this section, you will see if your employee has been hired. It is an intern, a contractor, or an employee. Each status is different and they have different benefits, so it is very important to know.

2. Location Details In Sap SuccessFactors Onboarding Reports

This feature will show you the location details of your employee. It will show you where he lives and where he works. It will also show you all the important information that you will need about your employees.

But if your employee is a contractor or an intern. Then it won’t show you their location details.

3. Integration With Other Workforce Management solutions in Sap Successfactors Onboarding Reports

If you have a workforce management solution in your company. Then these reports can be integrated with them and show you how much work they have done and if they have worked on holidays.

There are many other features that these reports can do for you, but we will talk about them in another article.