The SAP CPI Deployment Failed

What would happen if SAP CPI deployment failed? What are the reasons for this failure? These are the things we will discuss in this section.

What Is SAP CPI Deployment Failed?

The term failover is not the correct word here. Failover means switching of active and passive systems. 

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As we are using one physical node, it is not possible to have a failover scenario. The correct term would be failed SAP CPI deployment.

 Failed SAP CPI deployment means that the SAP CPI installation failed during the SAP NW installation process for example.

SAP Installation Guide: 

Discovery of SAP Software Products and Their Configuration Settings. It is a document from SAP that describes the entire installation process in detail.

Including all the steps involved in the SAP NW installation process. The installation process starts with the Pre-Installation phase and ends with the Post-Installation phase as per this document. 

All you need to do is to follow these steps as per this document to successfully deploy SAP NW on your system. So that you can perform SAP NW installation. 

If any one of these steps fails, you will experience a failed SAP CPI installation. It will not allow you to proceed with the next step of the SAP NW installation process.

SAP does not provide any information about why a particular step fails or what could be the reason for this failure in their documentation. But, some common issues can cause such failures.

So there are some problems during the various steps of the SAP NW Installation process. In this section we will discuss some common issues that could cause a failure during the SAP CPI deployment process:

SAP CPI Installation Failure Due to Hardware Issues: 

Most hardware issues occur when executing scripts such as sapupldr, sapupldr2, or spp_cpi_prep_step2. Usually, if you see error messages like Hardware error or device busy while executing these scripts.

Then it means that you are experiencing a hardware issue. Please make sure that your system has enough memory and enough disk space before proceeding with further steps of the install process.

It is because your system does not have enough memory or disk space to run these scripts. Then they won’t run properly and they might fail as well resulting in failed deployment. 

So, please make sure that your systems have sufficient memory, storage space. Before proceeding with further steps of bootstrapping script execution on your system.

Otherwise, you might experience failed deployment due to hardware issues. Another thing that must be taken care of is the existence of enough space on the backup tape.

You need to make sure that you have enough spare space on your backup tape for the deployment to complete successfully. If not, then it will result in failed deployment.

SAP CPI Installation Failure Due to Logical Disk Issues: 

Another common issue during the CPI installation is failed disk check during spp_cpi_prep_step2. It usually occurs due to the non-existence of a logical disk or an incorrect logical disk name specified during the installation.

Please make sure that your system has at least one logical disk. And that it has been given a unique Logical Volume Name (LVM) during the installation process by executing scripts like sapupldr and sapupldr2 etc.

The script spp_cpi_prep_step2 checks whether your system has a logical disk or not. And if it finds one, then it will also check for its name and whether it is correct or not.

If this step fails, then you might experience a failed SAP CPI deployment due to logical disk issues. So make sure that your system has at least one logical disk with a unique LVM name.

Before proceeding with further steps of spp_cpi_prep_step2 execution. Otherwise, you might experience a failed SAP CPI deployment due to logical disk issues as well.