The SAP 4HANA Training

What is the purpose of having SAP 4HANA training? What are the benefits to the person who takes this training? These are the things we will discuss.

Introducing SAP 4HANA Training

SAP 4HANA is a cloud-based, in-memory, real-time business platform. SAP 4HANA is SAP’s new solution for the future of business. 

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It combines the power of the SAP HANA database with a powerful user experience that allows you to conduct business in real-time. With SAP 4HANA, you can be more agile and responsive to changing customer demands. 

It prepares for the digital economy and drives growth across your enterprise. The SAP 4HANA platform brings together core business functions.

Such as Finance, Operations, Sales, and Service into an integrated system. SAP 4HANA also integrates with third-party systems.

So you can put more of your data and processes at work for your business.

SAP 4HANA Training Course Objectives

This course teaches how to use two different kinds of screens to work with data in SAP HANA: tabular and graphical. You can use these two types of screens to analyze your data on the fly.

Also, it builds models and reports, or just identifies issues. The course also teaches how to create an application that is hosted by SAP HANA.

And also how to take advantage of the real-time capabilities of this product. The course also teaches how to create an application that is hosted by SAP HANA.

What Is The Purpose Of SAP 4HANA Training?

SAP 4HANA training is one of the best platforms introduced by SAP. It provides real-time business solutions. 

It is a user-friendly platform. In addition, it has been developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of today’s business world. 

SAP 4HANA has been designed to allow organizations to operate and manage their business in real-time. With this platform, there is no need for any other software.

This platform does not require any additional hardware or costs for installation. This platform also eliminates any manual processes used in business management. 

SAP 4HANA training aims to provide organizations with a system that can help them predict the future and make decisions accordingly. It also helps to provide a seamless link between data and applications. 

SAP 4HANA trains the trainers in a way that they can train their employees on how to use this platform at their workplace. It also trains the employees on how to use this new platform.

That is will prove to be very useful for both employees and organizations as well as businesses. The following are some of the skills gained by putting effort into SAP 4HANA training: 

  • Gain knowledge on how to use SAP 4HANA
  • Gain knowledge on how to use SAP HANA studio
  • Learn how to design and create apps using SAP Hana studio
  • Learn how to create analytical applications using SAP Hana studio
  • Know how to implement, deploy, manage and maintain apps using SAP Hana Studio
  • Learn about ‘SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP’ (NWAS) concepts, terminology, and architecture
  • Understand the differences between a classic ABAP system and an NWAS system
  • Learn about the different NWAS components, such as NWAS server, NWAS host, SAP Gateway, and SAP rewrite tool
  • Learn about the major differences between an on-premise system and a cloud-based system 
  • Understand how to create and deploy an application in the cloud using SAP HANA studio
  • Understand how to manage and maintain an application in the cloud using SAP Hana Studio