The Complete SAP UI 5 Overview

The apps of SAP were developed with the help of the UI development toolkit which is meant for the HTML 5. This is a library that is meant for run time and which is capable of providing with so many editors and also wizards that are based on wizards. It is the kind of the platform that can be really much useful for all those who are working in eclipse and also uses JavaScript and also HTML5. If you are into web development then it is the best tool that can be useful for you as it has got so much of things so that many of the functionalities related with your work can be done in easier manner. It is not the library that has any limitation as per the developers and also as the business software. With this understanding that there are many people who use this library, the developers have decided to make it open source so that anybody who need to use it can use it without spending any money and also can make the changes that they want.

The Complete SAP UI 5 Overview

What is it?

It is the library which has a rich core within it and also has a huge variety of UI controls so that it is possible for you to easily handle many of the libraries. Feature -rich is the term which says that the library involves you to get engaged in things like producing models for the various data sources and also to engage in data binding. It is an effective and efficient engine which can be created and also for updating HTML with the controls and also can support the concept of Model View. It is also the library that has many other features comes with it. It also has the capability of loading the language resources appropriately.  It is the kind of library which provides better support in terms of touch interaction, keyboard navigation and support in the case of accessibility.

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There are chances for you to get so many visual themes with this kind of the library so that it can be easily adapted by either doing some modifications with CSS or by the usage of some theme designer. The new version of this library has got much thing to do. There are chances for the individuals so that there are chances for you to get the best kind of the result. There are chances for you to choose the kind of the things so that you can increase your productivity.  There are chances for you to get a better support for HTML with this so that you can have a better kind of the outcome.


It is true that SAP has developed open source only recently but it does not mean that it is something that is quite new. The truth is that SAP has developed and has maintained in the last few years. It was revealed in the beginning of this year the way the new iterations as well as changes that SAP has made. There are so many chances for you to have a better UI technology which depends on the standards and your flexibility. Your security needs are still filled as well as your accessibility and stability.

Why it is Made Open Source

It was from the very beginning of the development of the UI5, there was a thought for making it open source. There are chances for you to provide this to the people so that they can put the things that they need in such a way to make the library better. There are so many legal aspects and complexities related to making a website open source. It is these things that made the whole part of making this open source delayed. It is also a truth that the developers who worked on the project felt that it is high time for making it open source.

Difference of OpenUI5 and SAP UI5

OpenUI5 is the kind of the free version which comes under the open source license of the Apache 2.0 and SAP UI5 is the one which comes under those things that can be used only by the customers of SAP who have certain license.

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