The Complete SAP Netweaver Gateway Guide

As you may know, the SAP Netweaver Gateway is a software platform for SAP. It is the latest platform that has made the world of SAP just that much simpler to understand and use for the betterment of your business or organization. The ABAP functions of the Netweaver Gateway serve to make the system easier and simpler and optimized for more usage on more devices.

The Complete Netweaver Gateway Guide

Its first version (Netweaver 7.0 or Netweaver 2004) was released in March 2004 and the latest version is the Netweaver SAP 7.4 SP 5. It has several new features that increase its efficiency.

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  • Optimised for Users – The platform has been optimized to suit various user interactions with the program. This makes it suitable for use by many users new and old, expert and not.
  •  It is an open system – this simply means that it can be used on any device (laptops, tablets, phones etc) with any level of experience of the user and using any SAP platform.
  • It is timeless – The platform is designed so that it can work with any of the previous SAP versions and not just the latest one.
  •  High Quality Standards – It is based on REST services and OData protocols which ensures its security and quality standards as an SAP platform.
  •  Developers – The platform can be used without the requirement of having prior SAP knowledge. This means more users can get acquainted with the system without having to be fully trained in the use of SAP ERP.

Benefits of SAP Netweaver Gateway

The REST service that enables SAP Netweaver Gateway is why the platform can be used without needing to know the ins and outs of SAP. This means that anyone who needs SAP services does not need to hesitate in using SAP or take a lengthy course in SAP unless they absolutely have to or want to. The user interface is very user friendly as compared to past versions of the software.

Users can utilize the .Net function or PHP function on their various devices without needing to know how to write using ABAP language. The SAP Netweaver Gateway can use Java and C++ languages of programming as well so whether you know what all this is or not, you can still use Netweaver for your company’s data integration.

In the past, all SAP information was stored on a server that only suited one environment depending on the device being used. For additional environments of SAP functionality and different devices, additional software had to be bought, installed and developed.

The open nature of the system makes access to data easier than having to constantly seek out a computer to use. In this digital world, we need digital solutions and Netweaver has provided them.

You can now access the software using any device anywhere you are as long as the device can use the HTTP protocol and understand the messages used by the OData systems which are the other new features of the platform.

Whether you are running the SAP All in One, SAP Business Suite or SAP Business By Design or even SAP Business One for whatever size of business you have, you can simply install and use the Netweaver software without needing extra programs, knowledge or applications. The SAP technology has been developed and optimized for all users and for all versions of SAP that exist. Without much hassle, you can simply switch to SAP Netweaver and watch your business strategy unfold.

Netweaver Gateway Models

There are 3 main gateway model types depending on user skill and the requirements of your system:

  • User-Centric Model – This is the model that is optimized for users. Just like simplified mathematics, users who have no knowledge of SAP or ERP can benefit from the Netweaver gateway to access the information they need for their business without needing to code or write using complex computer language.
  •  Public Solution Model – This version is optimized for the SAP developers particularly the ABAP developers. The content is not too heavy and complicated but can easily be understood by developers. It is set at median complexity but it is lightweight and accessible via the SAP network.
  • Data Source Model – This model is the most complex. It features an unmodified version of the SAP Business Suite that is also accessible via the Netweaver Gateway and exists in an internal representation of the SAP server.


As a basic summary, SAP is a useful tool in bringing together all the aspects of a business in its entirety whether you are tracking trends, looking at your business data, dealing with clients or marking the consumer markets. SAP software is an ERP that is optimized specifically for your business as created by the German company SAP SE.

The whole ERP software is rather complex requiring superior knowledge and skills in both complicated computer language and software development and management but all that has changed with SAP Netweaver Gateway. Now all major companies can manage their business data easily and efficiently using Netweaver Gateway.

Since it began, there have been improvements in how the system of SAP can be used and utilized. The software can be consumed not only by all kinds of companies, but by more users within the company since it has been optimized and improved for just such a function. There is no need to know all the complicated computer jargon or to pour more and more money into buying new software and applications to suit the different environments of data handling.

Unlike new software, say Microsoft’s Windows, which has to constantly improve depending on the device it is on, the Netweaver Gateway can work with even the oldest SAP program which you still will not have to replace but can continue to use to your satisfaction. As a lasting business solution, SAP Netweaver Gateway has made a name for itself and is improving the lives of many people and companies around the globe.


With the advancements that technology has made, SAP has improved in leaps and bounds, all for the betterment of the business world, how it works and all the services that your company can provide.  SAP Netweaver Gateway is the network, service handling and data management solution that you have been waiting for.

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