Smartforms in SAP- Best Practices

What are SAP Smart Forms? 

SAP Smart Forms which is introduced in the SAP Basic Release 4. 6C is a tool for maintaining and creating forms. It’s aimed to allow a person to execute a simple modification to the form as well as in the form logic by using the simple graphical tools; in 90 percent of all the cases. The good thing with it is that it will not include any programming efforts. Therefore, it is possible that you can use a power user to configure forms with data from SAP System for any relevant business processes without having any programming knowledge.

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For a person to be in a position to print a form, he or she requires a program for the data retrieval and a smart form which has got entire form logics. Since form logic and data retrieval are separated, a person must ensure that he or she adapt only the Smart Form if changes to form logic are necessary.

With SAP Smart Forms, the application program often passes the data through a function module interface to the Smart Form. Each time you are activating the Smart Form, the system will automatically generate a function module. During runtime, this function module will be processed by the system.

With Smart Forms in SAP, a person can hassle free insert dynamic and static tables. Don’t you this is great? This basically includes line feeds in personal table cells, hence easily triggering events for the subtotals and table headings as well as sorting the data before output. Also with Smart Forms in SAP you can be in a position to check personal nodes and the whole form and be in a position to find any error which is existing in tree structure.

The data flow analysis in SAP Smart Forms can assist you check whether all the variables have got a defined value at the time they’re displayed. Don’t you think this is an outstanding feature?

What are the Various Merits of SAP Smart Forms?

Ability to Include Graphics

SAP Smart Forms can allow a person to hassle free include graphics that he or she can display either as background graphics or part of the form. You can also be in a position to use background graphics if you want to copy the layout of any existing form. During printout, if desired, you can easily suppress the background graphic.

Reducing the Implementation Cost

Smartforms in SAP can allow you to considerably reduce the cost of solutions because it is possible to adjust the forms in minimum time.

Provides a Data Stream i.e. XML

Smart Forms in SAP often offers a data stream referred as XML for Smart Forms(XSF) to be able to use the third party printing tools. Generally, XSF passes form content form R/ 3 to the external product without necessarily passing any layout info about the Smart Form.

Last but not the least; Smart Forms in SAP support postage optimizing also. It is essential that you opt for Smart Forms that are in SAP in order to get to experience the aforementioned benefits.

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