SAP VS Salesforce- Clash of the Titans

Salesforce is the most popular Customer Relationship Management solution available today. When people vision a CRM solution of high standards, Salesforce comes to mind first. It is a business solution, which goes beyond managing a sales process to running an entire company. The system has grown overtime to become the world’s most powerful instant connection to your leads, critical business information and contacts.

Salesforce is rich in features, is customizable and flexible. The limitless add-ons make Salesforce quite a recommendable CRM. An organization that uses Salesforce can collaborate instantly in context and have more done within a short time. Salesforce has grown overtime to become one single most powerful, friendly and secure environment, which connects companies, organizations and businesses to everything they need to stay connected to regular and potential customers.

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Chatter, is one of the most powerful feature in Salesforce system. It is a powerful web-based feature within the system, which provides real-time alerts. Chatter is also good for collaboration among workers and employers in an organization. What makes Salesforce even more famous is its professional and reliable customer support system. The support team at Salesforce is friendly, fast to get in touch, easy to reach and simply helpful.

Many of the things that Salesforce can do are only achievable through extensions. It lacks an enough addition of technology making its actual ‘out of the box’ abilities somewhat limited. It is obvious that the system is wholly competent at what it does. However, it is not as extended as it should be.

SAP vs Salesforce 


SAP prides itself for being 20 times more profitable than Salesforce. SAP has grown overtime to become a robust and a fully integrated human capital management solution. While Salesforce may have had a free run with its sales in the cloud, SAP is currently winning many transactions thus being not only better, but also big in terms of transaction opportunities.

The functionality of SAP is well rounded and its price competitive. It modules makes it a powerful CRM solution currently waging a business battle against Salesforce. Some modules included in the system include SAP CRM Partner Channel Management, SAP CRM Sales, SAP CRM Marketing and SAP CRM Web Channel. It is a complete solution, which can meet all the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

SAP is a cheap Customer Relationship Management system currently in the market. It is, therefore, a bit more affordable than Salesforce in the market today. This is why SAP will keep growing to be the best CRM solution for small and medium size companies, organizations and businesses.

SAP vs Salesforce is quite a bit of a tie. You will obvious have two different approaches while reviewing these two system. Generally, it depends on what your needs are. Both SAP and Salesforce have their strength as well as shortcomings. Whether you have money and want to use the limitless power of Salesforce or prefer a core CRM out of the box at a reasonable price, the choice would really lie on you. The least anyone can say is that both systems are good choices for business growth and management.

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