SAP VS Sage – Who Comes Out on Top?

This is a SAP VS Sage enterprise resource planning software review for those individuals that might probably be wondering just which of these solutions is ideal for their needs. As most well-informed people will readily appreciate ERP software have drastically altered how most business entities handle most of their day to day operations. These systems happen to be “one-stop” solutions for virtually all kinds of business functions such as sales, procurement, inventory management, supply chain and distribution management and even human resources management.

There are a plethora of ERP solutions in the market

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However, due to the overabundance of these applications in the market it is most often than not extremely challenging for businesses to ascertain just which solution is right for their particular needs. Coming back to the review of the above mentioned ERP solutions, it is undoubtedly clear that both can be numbered among the very best solutions available.



This application was developed specifically with the needs of small and medium sized business enterprises in mind. It comes with a horde of modules that can effectively streamline and automate all business functions of such firms. These include finance management, sales, production, procurement, supply chain management among many others.

This in essence enables firms to effectually regulate all their mundane operations, which can lead to heightened efficiency and productivity. SAP also has an intuitive CRM functionality that permits business establishments to comprehensively meet the needs and demands of their clients, which naturally fosters loyalty.

This software also offers in-depth analytic functionalities that can definitely lead to effectual business planning and forecasting. SAP can run as a standalone, on premise and even cloud platform, which gives users an unmatched flexibility on the platform they want to utilize. This ERP solution also has multi-language and multi-currency support.

Sage ERP

This revolutionary application was designed for small, medium and even large business enterprises. Like SAP, it comes with a multitude of modules that address virtually all business functions. This software can significantly streamline day to day business operations as well as minimize the amount of paperwork needed for these tasks. Some of the most notable modules of the Sage ERP include business intelligence, inventory optimization, warehouse management, human resources management and even the CRM module.

This software is noted for its unmatched user-friendliness, and even the greenest of novices can efficiently utilize it with just basic orientation. Sage offers an intuitive and highly interactive dashboard that enables users to track real-time information for most business functions all on all page. This software also offers the choice to customize process maps for all pertinent aspects business. With its flexibility and scalability it permits users to develop accurate insights on all business functions.

Which facilitates for excellent decision-making and effectual communication channels between different departments,. This makes this software an invaluable and cost-effective tool for quick ROI realization as well as significantly cutting down operational cost and minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).


It is consequently self-evident that these ERP solutions offer more or less the same functionalities, and apart from the size of your business, both can be ideal for your needs.  But in my personal opinion between SAP VS Sage, SAP comes out on top.

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