SAP VS Oracle- Who wins?

SAP VS Oracle is a debate that is currently going on in the mid market.  SAP is an acronym for Systems, applications and products in the Data processing field. SAP is an ERP of Enterprise resource planning software that is used for integrating the different business applications that are designed for meeting the needs of specific business areas.

Thus many large companies use SAP for their business operations. Oracle database or simply known as oracle is an Object Relational Database management System. It supports a wide range of platforms as these are available in different versions that range from versions for enterprise class and personal use versions.

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SAP VS Oracle can be understood by understanding both SAP and Oracle individually.

Business Benefits and Satisfaction

SAP is software that integrates the different business applications as it helps to track sales, finance, production, human resources and accounting in an enterprise.

Oracle has been produced by Oracle Corporation and it is widely used in large enterprises environment and also for personal use. It is also used for operations planning and sales in large enterprises.


SAP maintains its individual and single information system for enterprises so that every application can have access to a common data. These applications interact with one another at the time of real business events. This means when events in productions and sales occur, then accounting task is done automatically. Sales can also view when the production is to be delivered.

Oracle is used for processing of operating system and also the memory structure that works with storage.

Programming Language

SAP has been designed for working in real time and it runs in fourth generation language known as advanced business application programming.

The data of Oracle is assessed by Structured Query Language or SQL and the commands of SQL are embedded in different languages. It executes stored functions and procedures that are invoked with the use of PL/SQL or any other object oriented languages like Java.

In the battle of  SAP VS oracle, SAP definitely wins as is used for real time management which is used for tracking sales, human resource, accounting, finance and production.

SAP has been designed for using it with different databases systems which also includes the interfaces for oracle. SAP has built solution primarily from ground up which means that its functionality has been built into the core ECC and the ERP solutions. It has also tried to build upon and also enhance the core product offering. SAP is considered as a very powferful business solution that can also be change with the changing business environment. SAP is very tightly integrated as it also enforces the standardized business process of the enterprises.

Thus this software can be easily modified for adjustments with evolutions of requirements and core processes. SAP has lowest risk in the business when it comes to implementing this software for different business processes. Business benefits and satisfaction can be regarded as the greatest strength of SAP and this is the reason why many companies uses this ERP solutions for their business as they are provided with tangible business benefits as it makes SAP the winner in the debate between SAP VS Oracle.

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