SAP Training Zoom: Benefits Of Online Training

SAP training to zoom today is now quite normal and popular. So what are the following programs for zoom training?

Introduction SAP Training Using Zoom

This program is a basic introduction training program that is conducted for new staff. It is for those who are directly employed by the company and entered into the job. 

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So this is training aimed at helping new employees know what SAP is and what it does. This training will help understand the company and its products and services.

Also, enable new employees to know about the company’s goals.

New Employee Induction Program:

The second course that is also included in this program is a comprehensive review of SAP. That enables new employees to fully understand all of the product functions and features.

And also how to use all of its features, how to deal with problems, how to increase productivity, how to make reports, how to avoid errors, etc.

IT Department Basic Course:

Program 3 in this category contains information about using IT department functions. It’s such as protocols for IT department staff on dealing with questions or problems related to the IT department.

Then the problem-solving process, how to work with each other, how to work as teams, etc. And also learning about the company’s ethics and values, how to deal with conflict, and so on.

What Are The Benefits Of Zoom For SAP Training?

SAP Training Using Zoom is now widely used for various training programs in the company. Such as new employee induction training, basic course training, etc.

The following are some benefits of using Zoom to conduct training:

1. The first benefit is that this training is more interactive and lively. Because participants can directly ask questions and share their difficulties.

And also problems with others who are attending the same training program as them.

2. The second benefit is that it’s easy to participate in Zoom. Just by using mobile phones or laptops to connect to the internet and register in your name on the Zoom site.

So you can participate in the training process.

3. The third benefit is that this training program is conducted in real-time. So that participants can interact with each other in a live environment where all participants can see each other’s screen.

Also, hear each other’s voices through microphones and speakers.

4. The fourth benefit of Zoom for SAP Training. It is that participants can directly communicate with the trainer who is conducting the training process at that time.

So through instant messaging or text boxes on the screen. They can also ask questions about a certain topic as it occurs during class sessions, etc.

5. The fifth benefit of using Zoom for SAP Training is that this training program can be conducted from anywhere. In any country at any time as long as there is an internet connection available.

And also the participant has a computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection, etc. So this means it will be much easier to conduct this type of training program.

It is because SAP trainers do not need to worry about logistics issues. So such as transportation, accommodation, etc.

Moreover, it is not worrying about what time it is at certain places in the world during certain times of day, etc. All they have to do is conduct their job.

Without worrying about anything related to logistics issues when they use Zoom for SAP Training.