SAP Training QM Module

What is an SAP training QM module? How can it help with your quality management or QM? Let us learn more about this topic in the article below. So, read on.

SAP Training QM Module

An SAP training QM module refers to the QM functionality available in SAP that covers the various QM-related tasks and processes. It is also known as the Quality Management module.

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Its main objectives are to:

  • ensure that products, services, and other business processes are fit for purpose
  • monitor and control the process of production, delivery, and service to ensure the required standards are met
  • manage customer expectations with regard to the quality of products and services
  • ensure customer satisfaction through providing quality products and services

Then, the SAP training QM module manages all the business processes related to quality management in an organization. For example, it helps in assessing, planning, controlling, and monitoring important quality-related requirements. It ensures that all the aspects of quality management such as customer satisfaction, product development, product testing, production control, etc. are being addressed effectively.

Further, this module provides solutions for various activities related to product development such as pre-development activities like:

  • new product planning and concept generation; 
  • development activities like new product development, documentation of design specifications;
  • manufacturing stage like producing prototype and pilot run; 
  • post-manufacturing stage like delivery of manufactured products to the customer; 
  • warranty period; etc. 

Further, it also provides solutions for activities related to service creation such as:

SAP Training QM Module: The Importance

Why is this QM module important? Firstly, it helps to ensure that the products and services are fit for purpose. Then, it helps to maintain and control the process of production and delivery in an organization. It also helps to ensure that they meet all quality requirements.

Further, it helps to manage customer expectations about the quality of products and services. Then, it helps to ensure customer satisfaction through providing quality products and services.

Aside from that, this will help you drive:

  • creative thinking in your organization
  • enhance the value of your deliverables
  • boost employee morale and productivity, etc.

SAP Training QM Module: The Function

Now that we have understood what an SAP training QM module is and its importance, let us understand its functions. Simply put, this module has the following functions related to quality management:

Quality Management Planning

This function helps you to plan the quality management process in your organization. It helps to identify all the quality requirements. For example, it helps you to identify the requirements from customers, internal users, and regulatory bodies. Further, it also helps you to identify the quality requirements for various business processes in your organization.

Quality Risk Management

The quality risk management function helps you to identify risks related to the quality of products and services in your organization. It helps in conducting a risk analysis on the available information about these risks. Further, it also helps in defining risk treatment plans. These are plans on how you will handle these risks

Quality Control Management

The quality control management function provides solutions for maintaining control over the product and service production process. It provides solutions for managing control over various aspects related to product manufacturing.