Sap Training Online In Hyderabad

We will discuss how the SAP training online in Hyderabad works. Also, what are the following programs that are included in the training?

Introduction For Sap Training Online In Hyderabad

We will discuss the introduction for the sap training online in Hyderabad.

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SAP is a global software provider for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is an integrated suite of business applications. Which offers solutions to the customers to meet their business requirements.

The main products of SAP include the following:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning),
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management),
  • SD (Sales & Distribution) and Product Lifecycle Management,
  • Financials,
  • Human Capital Management,
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics,
  • Mobile, and Manufacturing.

Now, what are the following programs included in a Sap Training online In Hyderabad?

Training for Trading

1. Trading Training in Hyderabad

Trading is a part of Supply Chain Management (SCM). It supports the procurement processes by the following:

  • managing purchase requisitions,
  • purchase orders,
  • Deliveries,
  • stock transfers, and approvals

It also handles the planned production requirements as well as requirements from other supply chain processes as well as from customers. Training for ABAP Programming Language

Training for ABAP Introduction to ABAP ABAP is an acronym for “Advanced Business Application Programming”. It is a programming language used by applications on an SAP system. Training for Functional Modules

2. Training For Technical Modules

Training for Technical Modules Introduction to FI – Financial Accounting FI stands for Financial Accounting. It is a module that is an important part of SAP R/3. It is the module that is used mainly by the financial department.

3. Training for MM – Material Management

Training for MM Introduction to MM, Material Management MM stands for Material Management. It is a module, which is used by the manufacturing department.

4. Training for SD – Sales & Distribution

Training for SD Introduction to SD – Sales & Distribution SD stands for Sales & Distribution. It is a module, which is used by the sales department.

5. Training for HR – Human Resources

Training for HR Introduction to HR, Human Resources HR stands for Human Resources. It is a module, which is used by the Human Resource Department.

6. Training for PP – Production Planning

Training for PP Introduction to PP, Production Planning PP stands for Production Planning. It is a module, which is used by the production department.

7. Training for PS – Product Service

Training for PS Introduction to PS, Product Service PS stands for Product Service. It is a module, which deals with service orders and product changes.

8. Training For R/3 Basics

Training For R/3 Basics Introduction To R/3 R/3 stands for SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite. Also, covers the following:

  • supply chain management,
  • manufacturing, and
  • accounting functionality.

In addition to business intelligence components. Training For ABAP.


Now, you have a clear idea of SAP training online in Hyderabad. Also, what are the various programs included in the training? 

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