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Sap Training is one of the hot topics on Reddit websites. Many ask questions here to have some enlightenment and a little push in taking the course of SAP training.

Now in this section, we gather some interesting questions to answer.

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Questions In Sap Training Reddit

Q: I have the SAP S4HANA 1610 on my laptop. I don’t know whether it should be installed on a virtual box or directly on my laptop.

A: I suggest you install SAP S4HANA 1610 on VMWare Workstation or Virtual Box.

Q: I am a student in a training institute, so I am learning all about SAP S4HANA 1610. But I want to take the full-fledged course of SAP S4HANA 1610 and its subsequent certification program. But I don’t know the institute which provides this certification program.

A: In my point of view, two institutes provide the best SAP S4HANA 1610 training and certification program: One is SEGOCE and another is SAP SE. You can visit both of them and give them a call to get more information about their training programs.

Q: I have taken the SAP S4HANA 1610 training in a training institute, but I am not satisfied with the trainer who provided me with this training program. Now I cannot quit this training program because it will be a very big loss for me.

So please recommend to me some institutes who provide good trainers for SAP S4HANA 1610 courses.

A: To be honest with you, I have never been trained by any institutes for SAP S4HANA 1610 courses, but as per my research, there are two institutes that provide best trainers for this course:

They are Aptech Pune and Aptech Bangalore. You can try them out and let me know your experiences in the comments section.

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Now, we will see what are the advantages of having SAP training.

Advantages Of Sap Training

1. SAP training is the most efficient and best way for getting the knowledge and skills about SAP.

2. All the questions that you have in your mind will be answered once you take SAP training.

3. SAP training is a gateway to get a good job in the IT sector or any other sector that requires knowledge about SAP.

4. You will get certified after completing SAP training, and this certification will add an extra feather to your cap.

5. You will be able to get flexible timings for SAP training.

6. You can choose any course of your choice for taking the SAP training program.

7. It is one of the most preferred jobs in the IT sector because it provides job security and a good salary package.

8. You can learn new things and gain new knowledge through it every day by attending different classes of SAP training every day.

9. It provides a platform to learn as much as you want to learn about any kind of SAP like Oracle Financials Training, Oracle EBS Training, Sap Hana Training, Sap Fico Training, etc.,

10. To get into a good institute for SAP training, you do not need any particular qualification or experience. Only dedication towards learning is required for that purpose.