SAP Training Global Certification

Is there an SAP training global certification available today? Can you undergo SAP training and expect this certification to get recognized globally? Let us find out below.

SAP Training Global Certification

When it comes to training for SAP, it is very important to know whether the certification is open for all. Or is restricted to a particular geography or industry. For example, many people who have undergone SAP training and are working in the technology industry are now looking for jobs in different industries, such as manufacturing and retail.

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If the training is not available globally, then these candidates will be at a disadvantage. Especially when it comes to being hired by other businesses.

The answer to the above question is that there is indeed an SAP training global certification available today. This certification can be obtained by any candidate who undergoes SAP training. And then passes the examination set by the SAP Professional Association (SAPPA).

This globally recognized certification comes in various flavors. And each of these flavors has been awarded to candidates. Those who have undergone SAP training and have completed the examinations.

SAP Training Global Certification Flavors

The first flavor of this certification is the SAP Certified Technology Associate-Interactive Business (SAP CTA-IB) certification. This certification was made available globally in 2012. It aims to certify that a candidate can use the Interactive Business Application Programming (IBAP) programming language to build enterprise applications. 

IBAP was developed specifically for building complex business applications that are used by enterprises today. It allows for greater flexibility when it comes to building applications because there are no restrictions on how you should design them. In addition, this programming language can be used on multiple platforms. This includes browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Then, the second flavor of this certification is the SAP Certified Technology Associate-ABAP (SAP CTA-ABAP) certification which was released in 2009. This certification aims at certifying that a candidate knows using the ABAP programming language for developing ERP applications used by enterprises today. 

Also, this particular programming language was developed by SAP SE as part of their ERP software package. And its primary role is to support business processes and operations in an enterprise. The process modeling language is known as BPCS modeling language and it forms the primary toolkit of this programming language. Then, the BPCS modeling language allows designers to represent both technical and business aspects of an enterprise process. So that they can build highly customized solutions that fit into an existing business environment seamlessly.

Finally, another flavor of this global certification program is called SAP Certified Technology Associate-BCS (SAP CTA-BCS). This particular flavor aims at certifying that a candidate knows using Business Connectivity Services (BCS) programming language for integrating SAP with non-SAP systems.


So, if you are looking for an SAP training global certification, then you can choose any of the three flavors mentioned above. Just remember that you need to undergo SAP training, and pass the respective examinations. So, what are you waiting for?