SAP Training Duration

What is the average SAP training duration? How long does it take to gain enough knowledge on SAP that can help you advance your career? Let us take a closer look below.

SAP Training Duration

To begin, SAP training is for business and technical professionals and it is aimed at getting them to be SAP ready. This means that you are only going to get the most basic skills that are useful for the first few months on the job.

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Training, in this case, will be intense, with students being required to attend class daily, but it will also be limited in scope. If you need extra training and need it fast, then online training will be your best bet. You can take classes of your choice and take your time, as long as you finish the course promptly.

Online Training Duration

The biggest advantage of online business training over classroom training is that students can learn at their own pace as it does not require them to attend a class every day. Instead of spending a minimum of 10 hours a week in class, students can spend more time learning and gaining knowledge about their chosen field. 

Further, online courses also come with 24/7 support from instructors and tutors, unlike classroom-based training which has limited hours of availability for students.  

Thena, an online course usually lasts between 2 weeks and 6 months depending on the type, of course, you choose to take. The most common online business training duration is around 4 months. This is enough time for a student to gain all the knowledge they need to start working.

Classroom Training Duration 

Classroom-based training programs also call for some type of certification program, which means that students will have to pass certain exams to complete their training program successfully. The duration for classroom-based SAP training programs varies from 3 weeks up to 6 months. This is depending on the course one chooses and the company’s policies regarding its employees’ continuing education requirements.

Then, students are expected to attend the classroom daily. So they can get quality education from their instructors or tutors during the limited hours they have access to during each week.

SAP Training Curriculum

The training curriculum is dictated by the school or business that is providing it. The curriculum is going to provide a student with what they need to know to be able to do their job well. They will not be learning things that are not directly related to their job.

Training at times may also include soft skills, leadership skills, and many other things related to office culture. SAP business training is done either on campus or online and lasts for different durations depending on the type of course you choose.


So, if you are looking to do business training, you will have to decide between online and classroom-based training. Both of these are good, but online training is more flexible and it can provide you with a better education than classroom training. But that does not mean that the latter is bad. It all comes down to what you want out of your education and how much time you want to spend on it.