SAP TM Deployment Options

We will discuss the SAP TM deployment options and features. It will help us to have more background on the process and to use it.

Introduction For SAP TM Deployment Options

SAP TM is the tool provided by SAP for data migration from one system to another. This tool aims to provide a simple way to move data from one system to another. It also helps to ensure that the entire data will not be lost at any point in time and will be updated during the process.

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There are two options available for SAP TM deployment:

SAP TM Thin Client

SAP TM Thin Server

1. The SAP TM Thin Client:

In the case of thin clients, all the activities are performed in the backend server. It is where SAP is deployed.

It helps in the migration of data without the involvement of the user’s terminal. All the users get a copy of the data in their terminals after. They have logged into the system using their IDs and passwords.

This option avoids having any independent client-side software installation and configuration. It is a deployment that can be used for small environments. Where there are not a lot of users and both client-side software installation and configuration might create some problems for you.

2. SAP TM Thin Server:

In this option, we have both client-side software installation and configuration as well as a back-end server management setup. This setup can be used for the following:

  • large-sized environments,
  • where also there are not a lot of users,
  • you can use the thin client option,

Which is easier to set up as compared to the thin server option. But if you are thinking about larger environments with more than 25000 users. Then it will be better to use the thick server option. 

Instead of a thin client option or even sometimes it might take too much time in setting up the thin client option. So we need to be careful while making decisions on deployment options for SAP TM.

But still, remember we have more flexibility in choice when it comes to choosing maximum numbers of users. It can be supported by the current environment. But if you have a lesser number of users than 25000 then you can use thin client options for setting up your environment for SAP TM deployment options.

Now, what are the advantages of both servers?

 Let’s discuss them:

SAP TM Thin Client

SAP TM Thin Client is a client-server deployment option. It consists of the following features:

Complete Data Synchronization:

It helps to maintain complete data synchronization. The data is saved in the backend server and then it is updated in the terminal. This helps to avoid any loss of data and it also makes the process more transparent for the end-user.

SAP TM Thin Server

It is a thick client deployment option. It consists of the following features:

As we discussed earlier, in this case, more than 25000 users will be involved in your system. So we need to make sure that our current environment is capable of supporting such a huge number of users.

If yes then you can go with the deployment option of the SAP TM thick server. If not then I suggest you choose thin client deployment options for your environment.