SAP Telnet Deployment Logs

What is the purpose of SAP Telnet deployment logs? How important is this? So to find out the answer, let us discuss the following information about this below.

What Are SAP Telnet Deployment Logs?

SAP Telnet deployment logs are a place where the SAP system generates all the essential data relating to the installation and configuration of SAP. By looking at these logs, you can easily check whether your SAP system is working properly. 

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If you do not have proper deployment logs for your SAP system. Then you cannot trace the history of your SAP system.

What Are The Logs Generated During SAP Installation?

The following are the logs generated during the installation of SAP:

Installation log: 

The installation log contains information about the installation process It will include information like SAP release version, OS, hostname, and other details like that while configuring your SAP on your system

System log: 

This includes all the information like the server configuration and instance name

Transfer log: 

This contains all the information related to the data transfer

What Are The Logs Generated When You Start A Transaction?

When you start a transaction on an SAP system, there are two kinds of logs generated by it. Let us see what they are. These two types of logs are as follows:

Logging for transaction access: 

Transaction logging is a kind of feature that records changes made by a particular user or user group in an SAP system. So when you start any transaction.

It will create a separate log entry for every user who tried to access that particular transaction. This means that for every single user who accessed any transaction.

So there will be separate log entries created in this folder. That is why it is called transaction logging entries.

Logging for transactions executed by users: 

When a user executes a transaction, then it creates its log entry in this folder. This entry contains more detailed information than that of logging entries. 

So while executing any kind of transaction, these log entries will be generated which includes information like duration. Also, IP address and other similar details related to users who executed that particular transaction

How To Find Out If You Have Proper Deployment Logs?

To check whether you have proper deployment logs for your SAP system. You can follow the steps given below. 

Log in to the SAP system using a browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and go to transaction code SM59. Now click on the “SAP System Administration” option 

Now choose the “Control Center” option from the list of options displayed on your screen. This will open up a new window. Now click on the “Logging” option.

So as you can see, you will find several options there like var, SAPMNT, NIMD, logs and DBSYS0, and several others. Now select any one of these options and click on the “Execute” button. 

So this will open up a new window where you can see different files related to your SAP system. Now locate all these files one by one and check whether they are there or not in your system. 

If they are present then you have proper deployment logs for your system.