SAP Solution Manager – Best Practices

SAP solution manager is a standard platform for the Application lifecycle management or ALM and it plays a decisive role within ALM tools. Along with providing the functionality of SAP it also integrates all the other ALM tools for ensuring a comprehensive approach.

It also enables the central access to all the required functions and the central availability of all the required information. It also facilitates efficient collaboration between the SAP support organization and your company for optimizing the value of the support engagement. It is a customer platform providing integrated methodologies, tools and content that are required to monitor, operate, support and implement the SAP solution in an enterprise. It also supports the various phases of application management life cycle.

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The features and functionalities of solution manager is that it supports the various phases of application management life cycle. This solution is delivered at no extra cost as it is also included in annual maintenance cost. This solution can also pro actively control the different solutions as it also helps in avoiding errors in operations and implementation thus increasing reliability of the IT solutions.

The contents and tools delivered by the solution manager can also help to improve the efficiency of support, implementation, change rollout and support of the management projects. This solution manager is an ideal platform for delivering and ordering all the SAP active global support services. The best practices is also implemented and delivered with the solution manager from SAP.

This is a solution manager that helps in leveraging the application lifecycle management that increase the reliability and also helps to lower the TCO. SAP solution manager also helps to drive maximum value from the SAP solution environment as it combines content and tools for enabling direct access to SAP from improvement to solution monitoring and deployment. According to the SAP support contract, this solution can also be very helpful for optimizing the infrastructure and core businesses processes.

This is a solution manager that helps in creating a contact between the IT infrastructure and businesses processes. It also fosters collaboration between IT and the lines of business. It supports all the SAP and non SAP software which includes the future SAP releases. The evolution of the solution manager has been taken place from accelerated SAP that was offline tool with tools, content and methodology for supporting the implementation projects. It has also been evolved from value SAP that is an offline tool with tools, content and methodology for supporting the entire customer lifecycle, continuous business improvement and implementation.

The two solution of the solution manager includes standard edition and enterprise edition. Standard edition is extended to all the customers who have the standard support service while enterprise edition is the extension of the solution manager for customers who have availed SAP max attention, SAP premium support, SAP product support and SAP enterprise support.

The best integrated platform that has been created for providing the methodology, tools and content for supporting the operation, implementation and the continuous improvement of the SAP solution is called as SAP solution manager.

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