How SAP SEM Will Change Your Business

SAP SEM, or Strategic Enterprise Management,  has helped many businesses to give structure to their strategy and effectively communicate it set goals to the whole organization. It can also help businesses gather vital information from external sources and monitor the results of the implement strategic factors. Important stakeholders will also be well-informed about the success strategies in place.

The product offers integrated software along with comprehensive functionality that enables a business to effectively run the whole strategic management process. The SAP SEM software is usually installed independently and therefore doesn’t require any direct link to the SAP ERP system.

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This product suitable for use at a business’s headquarters, regional business units and even a single business unit level. It also allows a business to have a single centralized SAP SEM system or simply several SEM systems networked together.

The Basics of SAP SEM

This SAP product us divided into five essential components and every one of them plays a significant role in a business they are:-

  • BPS – (Business Planning Simulation)
  • CPM – (Corporate Performance Monitor)
  • SRM- (Stakeholder Relationship Management)
  • BCS – (Business Consolidation)
  • BIC – (Business Information Collection)

Adequate Planning For Businesses

This software helps a business plan its strategies based on specific functions and tools. It therefore enables a business to model and simplify the complex relationships between markets, the business’s own enterprise, market relationships, competitors and so on. It enables different planning stages and allows you to build a successful planning model down from the beginning to the actualization level.

Effective Performance Monitoring

SEM also provides precise reporting when it comes to vital performance indicators. There is a balanced management of the scorecard using a method that enables conversion into the set operational targets for all the departments of the business. Thanks to the Management Cockpit available in CPM component, there will also be improvement of communication of a any relevant communication that related to decision making within the management department of the business.

Effective Data Collection

The product also enables automatic collection of important data that will lead to vital decision being made during assessment. There is a generic functionality that is part of the SAP business data warehouse that is used in the collection of structured data.

Effective Relationship Management With Stakeholders

With stakeholders being important for a business and are actually the ones that have enabled the business to be what it is. Having a great relationship with them helps keep the business in operation. The stakeholders are not only the investors but customers, the partners, employees and even the suppliers. The product will provide effective support for proper communication with these important parties related to the business.


SAP SEM is important for many businesses and more of them are realizing just how the business can’t function well without it. The business is able to manage communication throughout all the departments. They are able to structure and communicate to the whole organization about their goals which they are certain of after collection of data from both internal and external sources. They are also able to effective monitor the performance of key strategies that are already in place. Every business simply needs SAP SEM.

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