SAP Recommended Deployment Option

What are those SAP recommended deployment options? How important is this recommendation? These are the things we will discuss.

What Is SAP Recommended Deployment Option?

SAP recommended deployment option is a set of best practices that SAP recommends for the deployment of the SAP software. It is option is one of the cores and mandatory elements for a successful SAP implementation.

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SAP has built-in and standard features to help you to implement SAP ERP successfully. SAP also provides a lot of support during the implementation. 

So this is possible only because SAP has implemented its own best practices in SAP ERP. So they know what works and what does not.

They are already testing their applications with their delivery team. So they know what should be implemented and what should be skipped.

Let’s have a look at the SAP recommended deployment options in detail:

Scenario Baseline (Most Common & Recommended):

So it is the most common and recommended deployment option. It includes all the required functionalities along with valuable additional functionalities.

Like advanced warehouse, quality management, and product lifecycle management, etc. This option is highly secure and it also supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple currencies transactions, etc. 

It’s an ideal option for multi-national companies or companies with cross-functional business units. So like manufacturing, sales or service, etc. 

These days most companies follow this deployment option for their project. It is because it’s an approved standard by SAP itself.

And also it ensures that all functionalities are integrated perfectly which is very important for any project.

Minimal Baseline (Minimal Additional Cost & Minimum Functionality):

Another deployment option is not recommended by many companies as it’s not having a lot of functionalities. That is very important in an ERP project.

But still, if your company wants to implement SAP ERP with minimum cost and minimum functionality. Then this option is for you. 

But even if it’s the least recommended approach by SAP, some companies rely on this approach. It is because they have a simple business model with a low number of products, a low number of business units, etc.

So they don’t need much complexity in their systems which other options provide them. And also it’s very easy for them to maintain this. 

If you don’t have any business partner in your company, then you can go for this option and implement SAP ERP. Because this is the least complex deployment option that does not need any integration with other systems.

It is a good approach for those companies who want to implement SAP ERP on their own.

Bug Basis (Complete Customization):

As the name suggests, it is completely customized. You can customize every single component of SAP ERP in this option. 

But be careful while doing customization as it will affect the performance of your SAP ERP system. Also, with a Bug Basis system, you can’t connect to standard SAP systems. 

So if you want to do that then you should go with the other options. But still, some companies implement this option as they want to make their changes in the system. 

And also they don’t want to integrate their systems with other business partners or they are not connected via LAN etc. That’s why they go for this option.

Then they hire third-party developers or internal system developers to do some customizations in their system. It can also increase the cost of your project as well as your company will have to develop.

Moreover, acquire some customized tools for that like building custom tools or customizing existing tools, etc.