SAP PI Deployment Options

What are the best SAP PI deployment options that we can install? So we will tackle in this section the following deployment option of SAP PI.

What Is SAP PI Deployment Option?

There are three main deployment options available for SAP PI.

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  • SAP PI On-Premise Server
  • SAPPI Cloud Server
  • SAP PI Embedded Server

Let us discuss the information about these three main deployments in detail below.

SAP PI On-Premise Server:

As the name suggests, this deployment option installs SAP PI on a pre-installed server with the required local installation.

SAP PI Cloud Server:

SAP PI Cloud Server is a new technology for SAP PI cloud servers. It is an integrated cloud solution that enables the deployment of SAP applications (like SAP PI) in the cloud infrastructure.

It is without any worries about backend instrumentation. And it is by SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and above.

SAP PI Embedded Server:

Embedded Server is the previous generation option of SAP PI deployment. This deployment option allows us to embed SAP PI into other applications like CM, SRM, etc. 

The advantage of this deployment option is that it comes with out-of-the-box integration. Also, with other systems like CM and SRM. 

But this deployment option is not scalable and cannot be used for large-scale installations. It is because it has to integrate with another system like CM or SRM to work effectively. 

To make this deployment option capable for large-scale installations. We have to write custom java classes that are not available in the current version of SAP PI Embedded Server.

Or we have to use the toolkit provided by SAP called “PI Toolkit”. The “PI Toolkit” was introduced with R/3 4.5C. We can use this toolkit to develop custom java classes and components like reports, documents, etc.

How Important Is The SAP PI Deployment Options?

So as mentioned above. SAP PI has three deployment options. But it does not have a standard deployment option.

SAP PI has different configuration parameters for each deployment option. The deployment option is the most important configuration parameter.

If we don’t select the correct deployment option. Then our setup will not work properly. To avoid this issue, we need to understand the differences between these three deployment options before setting up SAP PI in our environment. 

We also need to understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of these three deployment options. Before we select SAP PI as our business solutions partner. 

We think you got some idea about SAP PI Deployment Options, Now Let us discuss all the different parts of this article in detail below:

What Is SAP PI?

SAP PI stands for Production Information Management. It is new functionality introduced with R/3 4.5C (2001). “PI” is a special kind of tool that can collect all kinds of production data. 

It is from different systems and processes them into different reports, documents, etc. Different types of data that can be collected with this tool are Production Data.

Also, the Non-Production Data, Quality Data, Material Data, Personnel Data, etc. So the system that creates production data is called a “Production System”. 

And the system that processes this production data into analytical information like reports, documents, etc. It is called the Production Information System.