SAP Learning Hub – Best Practices

SAP learning hub has become an important program to use in training our employees in order to help our company grow and excel in every aspect. This is however very expensive factoring in transportation costs, hotel costs and employee payment. Training of employees has been revolutionized with the discovery and wide usage of SAP learning hub. It has provided companies that cannot necessary afford to fund training conferences and seminars for their employees and opportunity to gain access to the latest information and knowledge in the industry. This has somewhat leveled the playing field allowing these smaller companies the ability to come up a lot faster than they would have. This does not apply to employees only students and individuals in the job market can also benefit greatly from this to help them advance in and even enter the job market.


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SAP Learning Hub – Best Practices

What You Get

SAP learning hub has become a somewhat mainstream method of learning and training your employees that can lead to certifications depending on what your aim is. SAP provides its user with over 2000 titles that one can gain information and learn from, these titles are can be a lot more depending on the package you select.

You are also offered the ability to simulate class room conditions with the use of the learning hubs that provide that allow you to chat and learn from other professionals or students in your field. The learning rooms on SAP jam are equipped with social tools and are instructor moderated to help the subscribers learn more effectively. SAP live access provides user who subscribe to this service the ability to gain access on demand exactly when you need it. Once you subscribe to SAP learning hub you gain unlimited access to all the online courses offered which are over 145 in number for a 12 month subscription. Depending on whether you just want to gain knowledge on a subject or want to gain certification for your training you need to sit for an exam which you will pay a fee for.

Packages Offered

SAP learning hub has offered a variety of packages to ensure that every kind of user is catered for. The following are the packages you can gain access to:

· Discovery Edition

This edition is sort of the trial edition that allows you to experience the learning hub before buying a package of the full version that best suits you. All you need to do is register and gain access to 120 courses and training programs you can sample from in this limited version.

· Customer Edition

This package is made specifically for professionals who want to advance their knowledge in their field. It requires one to have implemented and run SAP software. You gain access to cloud learning environment that can be publicly used in your premises. You gain unlimited access to over 4000 titles in e-book, PDF and other various formats that you can learn from. You also have access to social jam where you can gain collaborative learning experience that is expert –led to help simulate a classroom. SAP Live Access is an exclusive option to the Customer edition that you can purchase to gain access to on demand training.

· Partner Edition

The consulting stuff you hire to help with various aspects of your business that are an essential part of your company. This package ensures that your consulting stuff gains access to unlimited knowledge and informational content available on SAP learning hub to ensure that their skills and knowledge of the market practices are up to date. Social jam is available to all users of this package and the option to subscribe to live access.

· Enterprise Edition

You gain unlimited access to all of the content availed to you by SAP to help you improve your market and SAP knowledge and skills and access to the learning rooms to allow you to acquire the knowledge faster and better. This package enables on to personalize the hub to their liking or with company themed images and logos. The management is provided with the option of managing the training and certification programs that your staff undertakes and the duration in which it should be done.

· Student Edition

This package is a great addition to any learning institution to provide students who want to add on to their CVs. You are offered the ability to gain access to over 145 courses that your students can gain certifications for after training. The package also offers you the ability to personalize user data and learning to provide only the relevant data to your institution.


SAP learning hub provides you with numerous benefits that will equip you with the tools to become a market leader or advance your career in any field around. The following are some of the benefits that you gain:

· Cost efficiency

Sap enables you to provide the necessary training and webinars to you and your staff to ensure that you gain access to the latest materials and knowledge on the industry and SAP software. The training cost about half of what it would cost to send your employees to the seminar at a physical location. This ensures that you save on travelling and accommodation costs.

· Convenience

Your staff and students are able gain access to the multitude of information that is available on the learning hub on anywhere and at any place to ensure that you can learn on the go. This is especially necessary with the extremely busy lifestyles that we all lead today.

· Availability of the latest material around

The competitive nature of the market today you need to keep your skills and those of your employee’s current to ensure that you are competitive. SAP allows you to gain access to the latest knowledge to keep the skills of your entire organization in tip top shape.


This learning hub has provided invaluable skills, knowledge and convenience to all users. Certification of that you can gain from undertaking the training and thereafter examinations are of great advantage to users when it comes to the job market and appraisals. Businesses should the use of SAP learning hub to ensure their employees updated with necessary skills that are relevant in today’s business environment.

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