SAP JAVA Deployment Via Telnet

Deployment of SAP JAVA via Telnet is our focus in this section. How will we do it? And what are the following steps that we should know?


SAP Java is software that is used to access the SAP system to perform various tasks. In other words, SAP Java is the client software that is used by the end-user. To access the SAP system and use the services provided by it.

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It is an application program language. It is for developing a Java Application.

SAP Java Development Platform

The SAP Java Development platform consists of the following components:

Development Tools

This component consists of tools that are used for developing the application or program. They consist of the following tools:


It stands for Integrated Development Environment. It contains a visual interface that makes it easy for you to code your application or program.

The IDE’s provide you with all the necessary tools for writing your code. Such as source-level debugger, source editor, compiler, and debugger.

They also give you options like the following:

  • auto-completion,
  • Formatting,
  • syntax checking etc.

to make your job easy and quick.

Database Support

: Database support enables you to access any database via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). You can create connections between your application and database servers as well as query data from them via JDBC.


Debugger comes into play when there is a need to debug your program or application at runtime. So, debugging means finding out what has gone wrong in your program/application at runtime and correcting it if needed.

Then, next is the source-level debugger which is used to find out what is happening at the source code level.

Object Relational Mapping

They are also, used to map database objects in the database as Java objects in your program/application.

Server Component

They can be used on the SAP Java platform server or a development server. Thus, they have their database and provide you with an interface to access the database.

Your SAP Java applications communicate with these servers. To access the database.

GUI Builder

GUI builder is used to creating components of your application or program in an easy manner using the drag-and-drop mechanism. It also has its visual layout editor and visual resource editor, so that you can customize your UI elements.

What Is SAP JAVA Deployment Via Telnet?

SAP JAVA Deployment Via Telnet is a process wherein we can deploy the SAP Java Application on an SAP system via Telnet. We can deploy these applications on any SAP system, whether it is an ABAP system or a Java system.

Now, here are the following steps that you can use in the SAP JAVA deployment via the Telnet process.

Step 1:

The first step is to get the application source codes that are to be deployed. We can use the following two methods for this:

Download the application source code from a repository or via FTP. Use the SAP repository client to get the application source code from the SAP repository.

2. Download the application source code via FTP.

3. Download the application source code from your local file system and then upload it to the SAP System. You can also use an FTP client for this.


Java is a widely used language for the development of applications for any platform. It is also widely used for developing applications for SAP systems.

SAP Java is the client-side software that helps us to access the SAP system. SAP Java applications can be developed using different types of development tools. We saw one such tool called Eclipse on which we can develop our application.