SAP IoT Deployment

We will tackle the information about SAP IoT deployment. Also, let us discuss how this SAP IoT deploy and its importance of it today

What Is SAP IoT Deployment?

SAP IoT Deployment is a process of integrating different systems to provide a business solution. It also involves developing an IoT application and deploying it on the platform.

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Who Should Be Involved In SAP IoT Deployment?

The following SAP experts should be involved in SAP IoT deployment:

Business Analyst:

It is responsible for performing business analysis on the IoT project. 

SAP Expert: 

The person who can build the integration process between cloud computing and other systems. 

IoT Expert:

Today, we have many IoT solutions designed to enhance the productivity and performance of your business by connecting human beings with machines. This person will help you to make this happen. 

Cloud Computing Expert :

The person who knows how cloud computing works and can integrate it with other systems. 

Mobile Application Developer:

The developer who knows how to create an application for mobile devices. 


They are responsible for creating dashboards, mobile applications, backend solutions, and more in the business. With knowledge of SAP HANA, they can create innovative applications for your business. 


They are responsible for testing the quality of the application before releasing it to users.

What Are The Benefits Of Deployment?

Now let us discuss the benefits of deploying the SAP IoT. There are many benefits of deployment that you must know:

Business Agility:

You can create a new application within a few hours or days. It helps in improving the productivity and agility of your business to compete with world-class organizations. 


Businesses don’t need to wait for hours or days to access data from their ERP systems. It is because now they can access it from anywhere by just connecting to their application on any device through an internet connection. 

Easy Accessibility Of Data:

Data accessibility has been drastically improved with the deployment of SAP IoT solutions. It is because there is no need for software installation, storage, or maintenance of hardware costs.

It is to access data from ERP systems, mobile devices, or computers. 

High-Security Levels:

Data stored in your ERP system is well secured due to cryptography methods used by SAP systems like HANA. So this makes it impossible for unauthorized users to access user data stored in them. 

Reduced Cost Of Implementation & Maintenance:

Deployment allows businesses to cut down their cost by using cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows businesses to use a pay-as-you-go model where they don’t need to pay high initial costs.

And also maintain server infrastructure to access data. It is because cloud computing services provide them with redundant server infrastructure to store data of their business. 

What Procedure Should Be Followed To Deploy SAP IoT?

To deploy SAP IoT, you need to follow below-mentioned steps: 

1: Create a project in the SAP portal. 

2: We need to extract data from other systems and import them into SAP HANA. 

3: Now we need to create an application and deploy it on the platform. 

4: We can also develop a mobile application and integrate it with SAP HANA. 

5: We can also create a dashboard in SAP HANA Studio for easy access of data by users. 

These are the steps that we need to follow to deploy SAP IoT.