What is SAP IDES?

Many people want to learn about SAP IDES. This is a great system that is developed by SAP community network. IDES stands for Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System. This system is usually used for testing or training purposes in the SAP internal system. It is run from Walldorf, the headquarter of the SAP.

This powerful system has some SAP clients. It has a sample set of master data for handling all modules for the IDES model company. This model company is created to represent the organization with standardized business process. This company is specially created for the purpose of demonstration of all SAP solutions for potential customers, SAP prospects, and other students.

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Great For Training or Education Purposes

The IDES system is only used for training purpose. It means that this system should not be used in any productions. All IDES systems don’t contain any training data used in any SAP training courses. It means that all materials in the SAP IDES system are only available for SAP employees inside its internal system. The IDES systems can be shipped to all customers. These systems are copies from the SAP internal demo systems. Therefore, you need to know that these systems don’t include the SAP training courses or other important training data.

Some Functions from IDES System

There are several functions that can be found in this system. Because of that reason, many customers are waiting for this system from the SAP company. This system can be used to facilitate demos, self study, and functional evaluation based on the preconfigured data or clients. You should only use this system for your internal management system. There is no production that is allowed by using this system. You can visit its official website of SAP IDES when you are planning to learn more about this application from SAP network management system.

Remote SAP servers

The SAP company provides remote servers for all customers. You are able to get access to the remote SAP servers that are equipped with pre-installed IDES system. Because of these servers, you can maximize the use of the IDES system for your own purposes and needs. All SAP servers are running the most advanced SAP versions. They are connected to the high speed Internet connection. Therefore, you can get access to these servers for testing or practice purposes. Contact this company today to get an access for one of the most popular IDES servers from this company. You are going to get some personal information, such as user name, password, connection details, and some other important information.

They are some useful information that you need to know about IDES system. This is a great system that is produced by the SAP company. You can visit its official website, so you can learn more about this system. This company has 24 hours customer service that can answer any questions about this powerful system. Don’t forget to check its official site, so you can know the system requirements for having this IDES system. There are many people who want to use this system for training or education purposes. Contact the SAP today to learn about this powerful SAP IDES system.

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