SAP IBP Deployment Options

There are lots of SAP IBP deployment options. So we will tackle the information about the options and also we will discuss SAP IBP Deployment.

What Is SAP IBP Deployment?

SAP IBP deployment is the process of installing and configuring SAP IBP. Deploying the SAP IBP requires a server such as R/3, BW, and other servers.

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For example:

  • SAP IBP is being deployed in the SCM and sales departments.
  • SAP IBP is being deployed in the sales department only.
  • SAP IBP is being deployed in the R/3 server (it may also be in BW 10 or BW 2000).
  • SAP IBP is being deployed on multiple servers at the same time.

These are some of the examples of SAP IBP deployment. We will discuss all these options further in this article. So let’s get started!

What Are SAP IBP Deployment Options?

Here are the deployment options from the following:

1: SAP IBP in R/3 or BW

It is one of the most commonly used SAP IBP deployment options. This method is used to quickly deploy the SAP IBP in the R/3 or BW system. 

So this option is mainly used when SAP IBP has to be installed in one of these systems. In this deployment, an option is used when there are no other systems required for deploying SAP IBP.

SAP IBP is the first core component in the BW and R/3 systems. The SAP IBP components are installed on these two systems before any other components are installed.

2: Multiple Servers With SAP IBP

This is another commonly used SAP IBP deployment option. In this scenario, multiple servers are used to deploy the required SAP IBP components. 

For example, the SCM department needs to be deployed on R/3 and SCM servers. But not on other servers such as sales and HR servers. 

In such cases, this deployment option can be used. The server names will be specified during the installation process and only these servers will be configured with all components of SAP IBP.

For example, an organization has three departments: Sales, HR, and SCM. There is a requirement that all three departments need to use SAP IBP.

But only two departments need to use BW as well (the sales department will not use BW). In this case, we can use this deployment option to deploy SAP IBP on multiple servers and configure them with the required modules of SAP IBP. 

So this can be done by using transaction SPAU00 (System Administration-SAP Utilities). We will discuss this further in another article.

3: Single Server With Multiple Optional Components (SAP NetWeaver)

The third commonly used option for deploying SAP NetWeaver components. It is also a deployment option for all core components including SAP IBP. 

SAP NetWeaver includes all core components such as ETL, BPC, Data Services, etc. It is from which each component can be deployed separately on a single server system. 

So this option can also be chosen for deploying core components including SAP I BP. For example, we want to deploy only ETL components (with less number of users) on one server.

While other components like BPC need to be deployed on multiple servers at different locations. In such cases, this deployment option can be used.