Sap Hana Deployment Best Practices

In the process of SAP HANA deployment, there are several best practices that you should do. It will help you to have a smooth process. Now, let’s see what these are?

What Is Sap Hana Deployment?

If you do not know what SAP HANA deployment is, then let me tell you. It is the process where SAP HANA software is installed on the server and databases are created.

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So what are the best practices if you are using the SAP Hana deployment? Here are the following:

1. Backup

When we talk about SAP HANA deployment, the first thing that comes to our mind is backup and restore. Always make sure that your database backup is in place.

If you want to keep your data safe, then you should keep multiple copies of your backup. It will help you in case if your main copy fails. This way you can easily recover your data.

So, you can use either tape or disk-based backup media for this purpose.

2. Keep The Drive Clean

Another important best practice that you should follow is to keep your drive clean of all the unneeded files and logs. It will increase the performance of the drive and better response time for users.

3. Monitor The Log Files

For performing SAP HANA deployment, it is necessary to monitor the log files of the entire process. If you do not monitor it closely then there are chances that something might go wrong in between and you will end up with a non-functional system.

So always monitor and review the log files while doing SAP HANA deployment. If there is any issue, then take a step back and fix it as soon as possible. 

It will help you to have a successful of SAP HANA software on your server.

4. Use The Recommended Hardware

Another important best practice is to use the recommended hardware for SAP HANA. Using the recommended hardware will help you in the better performance of the system.

So, if you are using non-recommended hardware. Then there are chances that you might face issues like slow performance, etc. So make sure to use the right hardware for SAP HANA deployment.

5. Use The Best Practices Given By SAP

Different best practices are given by SAP while doing SAP HANA. Make sure that you follow these best practices closely. If you do not follow them then there are chances that something might go wrong. Also, you may face an issue during the process of SAP HANA.

So always follow the given best practices closely and your deployment would be successful in no time.

SAP Hana- Conclusion

SAP HANA is a revolutionary technology that will make your business run smoothly and more efficiently. It’s the most powerful technology ever developed by SAP.

So if you are planning to implement this technology. Then make sure to read this article till the end so that you can have a successful deployment of it on your server without facing any issues at all.